As we have come to know the team has lost all-star Ben Simmons for the foreseeable future, and most likely the rest of the year.

Simmons is opting for left knee surgery for his partially dislocated kneecap.

The decision caught the fanbase off guard. The injury in of itself is strange but there seems to be something fishy going on down in Orlando.

The Sixers medical staff has a reputation for not being all that great, so forgive me for not trusting the Sixers when it comes to an injury, let alone to one of their two superstars.

3 days after the injury, a rumor surfaced from a Cleveland reporter that the Cleveland Cavaliers believe that they have an “enticing” package to offer for Ben Simmons.

Is it me, or does the timing to this seem odd? Could it be a sign that the Sixers have had it with the Ben Simmons drama?

That better not be the case, I know us Philadelphians tend to be quick to give up on people. The talent is there with Ben Simmons, and while the Sixers drafted an outstanding scorer and passer in 2016, they should have known that there were going to be growing pains. Growing pains is something to be expected when you draft a 20-year-old.

Elton Brand and the Sixers should send the phone directly to voicemail if they see Koby Altman’s name.

The only thing that could be interesting to the Sixers from the Cavs is the abundance of first-round picks they have coming in the near future, they hold 4 first-round picks in the upcoming 3 years. Do you trust the Sixers to hit on the picks that they would receive from a potential Simmons deal? I certainly do not. Not to mention you would be trading Simmons to another team in the East!

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While the Cavs currently are not a threat to the Sixers, the organization has shown in the past that they know how to win. Trading a barely 24-year-old Simmons to the Cavs would be the dumbest move to date for Elton Brand, and if he were to miss on the return from Cleveland, he would effectively be signing his unemployment check.

Simmons has shown for the first time in his career that he is willing to take the next step. Before his injury in the bubble, Ben Simmons was starting to shoot more, and play more aggressive this time as a power forward, instead of a point guard.

The Cavs should not be allowed to put their noses anywhere near the Sixers (still developing) superstar. The Sixers can win with Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons together on the same team.
The problem is the coach; not the ability of two superstars to coexist.

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