The NBA Playoffs, Bubble Basketball edition, start on Monday for the hometown 76ers.
The Sixers will take on the Boston Celtics in the first round in a matchup that the Sixers actually have had a bit of success this year.

The 2019-2020 NBA season can be separated into two parts, pre-bubble and bubble. Prebubble, the Sixers went 3-1 against the division rival Celtics this year, and have played some of their best basketball against teams that are playoff contenders. In the bubble, the Sixers have been fairly similar, consistently inconsistent to a 4-4 record thus far.

Everybody’s opinion of the season went out the window when the pandemic hit. Expectations needed to be readjusted whether that be good or bad. When the shutdown of the NBA started, I am not alone in saying that I was very pessimistic with this team. At the time, the Sixers had just lost Ben Simmons for the year and were spiraling downhill. When the NBA came back in late July, I was all in on the Sixers again. Ben Simmons was ready to go, the team chemistry looked like it was at an all-time high, and they had one of the easiest schedules remaining. They had a chance to right their wrongs.

Fast forward two weeks, I am yet again pessimistic after the team has lost Ben Simmons for the year yet again and has looked the exact same.

With all of that being said, what will it take for this season to be considered a success?

Will it be a success for the Sixers to get past the (much better) Boston Celtics in the first round? Will it take a championship run? See what the NBA consensus pick of the day says about that.

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Everyone’s opinion of a successful season is going to vary. As it looks right now, the Sixers are massive underdogs going into game 1. To me, the only way that this season will be a success is if they make a miracle run and make it to the NBA Finals.

From the tip-off on opening night, my expectations were NBA Finals or bust. They do not even have to win, but if the Sixers could show that they were capable of getting through the trials and tribulations of an NBA season and make it to the Finals, that would be a success. The pandemic has not changed my opinion in the slightest, the Sixers have the talent to make it to the Finals every year, and the fact that they likely won’t make it past the first round makes me sick.

Do I think that the Sixers can make a run? Absolutely not.

Ben Simmons has found a way to suffer two season-ending injuries in one year, Joel Embiid can’t seem to make it through two consecutive games, and Brett Brown still can’t coach.

When we look back on this season, in all likelihood we will not be satisfied. This entire season from the pandemic, to the underachieving, to the failure has been a disappointment.
I have bought back into this 2020 Sixers team one too many times.

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