Following Monday’s loss to the Celtics in game one of their opening-round series, the Sixers have a lot to work on if they want to advance further into the playoffs.

The team played a fairly decent game, and with a few adjustments, they can certainly make this a legitimate series despite not having Ben Simmons on the court.

Here’s what the Sixers need to work on for game two, and the rest of the series.


We all knew this was coming. The Sixers lost by eight points to the Celtics with 18 turnovers. That is simply unacceptable. If the Sixers can limit the turnovers, they can win this series. The problem is, that is the narrative that has surrounded the Sixers for years now.

The turnovers the Sixers commit aren’t even great basketball plays by the opposition. These turnovers are a result of lazy passes, careless ball control, and poorly designed plays. The Sixers need to avoid complicating the game with a million dribble hand-offs and forcing bad passes.

With Ben Simmons out of the lineup, the team spaces itself out more which could allow more drive and kick opportunities, as well as open shooters when Joel Embiid draws a double team.

Defending Jayson Tatum

All the fans need to see is the blatant foul on Tobias Harris late in the fourth quarter that was ruled a deflection out of bounds to know that Jayson Tatum is getting any and every call this series. While Tatum is still developing as a player, he is a walking bucket for the Celtics.

If the Sixers can limit his impact on the offensive end, the series can swing back into the Sixers’ favor. It will need to be a joint effort between Tobias Harris and Matisse Thybulle. There is no other 76ers’ player who should be guarding Tatum other than those two. No guards on the team are big enough to contest Tatum’s shots, and no forwards are fast enough to keep up with him.

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Get Shake Milton and Alec Burks Going

Alec Burks was a star in game one for the Sixers. His ability to pull up from mid-range and drive to the basket is much needed for the Sixers’ second unit. If he can lead the charge while scorers like Tobias Harris and Joel Embiid are on the bench, as well as finish games with the starters, the Sixers can absolutely gain and maintain a lead against the Celtics.

Inversely, Shake Milton looked lost during game one. We all know how important it is to get Embiid his shots as he will be the one to carry this team throughout the playoffs, but getting Shake involved early and often will be the key for him in game two.

The team will need some solid production from him for the rest of the series if they want to win. Shake showed a ton of promise when Ben Simmons was out of the lineup during the regular season before the shutdown. If Shake can regain that mid-season form, the Sixers will be in a much better position moving forward.

What do you think the Sixers need to improve upon for the rest of the series?

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