The Sixers have fired Brett Brown as head coach.

While many fans thought this move was inevitable based on the early playoff exit, it still leaves the fan base and the team in a state of uncertainty. Brett Brown has been the man behind The Process for seven years.

For the first time in the Ben Simmons, Joel Embiid era, we will have a new head coach in Philadelphia.

Who should take over for Brett Brown?

Ty Lue

Starting with the candidate that seems to have the most momentum behind him, Ty Lue and the Sixers have apparently shown mutual interest in one another. The former championship coach of the Cleveland Cavaliers and current assistant coach of the Los Angeles Clippers, Lue is widely respected amongst the NBA community.

While he has been rumored for many positions since departing from Cleveland, Lue may be accepting the Sixers’ job this offseason.

The scary part of hiring him as the Sixers’ coach is that Lue has not been able to, or allowed to, prove himself as a coach without LeBron James. Many in the NBA community were reluctant to give Ty Lue any credit for the Cavaliers’ Championship due to how involved LeBron James tends to be with teams he is on. Following James’ second departure from Cleveland, Lue was subsequently let go the following season.

It will be interesting to see if Lue is hired, how he can perform as a head coach for a team without LeBron James.

Jay Wright

From all accounts, this seems to be a Philadelphia fan’s pipe dream, but hey, we’re up for a bit of wishful thinking. Jay Wright is the current head coach of the Villanova Men’s Basketball team, so the ties to Philadelphia are there. The two-time national champion head coach has been linked to the Sixers’ job due to the close proximity to and working relationship with the 76ers.

Many NBA fans would welcome the sight of such an accomplished college head coach joining the NBA ranks, This may seem to be the most unlikely of scenarios if we are talking probability, but this could certainly excite the hometown fans.

Ime Udoka

Ime Udoka is a current member of the 76ers’ coaching staff for those unaware. Udoka would be the choice for the position should the 76ers’ brass choose to promote from within instead of hiring an outside coach to come in and take over the team.

While Udoka has proven to be a reliable member of the Sixers’ coaching staff this season, reports are that the 76ers seem to want to change the structure of the entire organization and that may mean overhauling things such as the coaching staff.

If Udoka is picked to be the new head coach, he will enter the job already having been exposed to the team’s strengths and weaknesses as well as the 76ers as a whole. This could prove to be the “safest” pick for the 76ers but it may not be the one that is inevitably made.

Who do you want to be the Sixers’ new head coach?

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