On the surface, building an NFL roster is seemingly simple: hunt for 53 talented football players and then choose an intelligent individual to teach and direct them on the field. Easy enough, right?
Wrong. Very, very wrong.

NFL general managers quietly hold one of the most critical roles in professional football. It is not a job that has a concrete beginning and end; methodology varies heavily. They’re tasked with a plethora of important responsibilities that will substantially affect the outcome of a multi-billion dollar organization.

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Eagles GM Howie Roseman and Steelers GM Kevin Colbert aren’t paid the big bucks for anything. While most GM’s will score just shallow of two-million dollars annually, there are always the select few whose skills warrant more.

The NFL’s upper-echelon of executives are comfortably compensated for their strenuous, never-ending duties. Entering the 2018 season, Baltimore’s Ozzie Newsome was believed to be the highest-paid GM at $3.75 million per year.

As stated previously; there are plenty of successful methods in building NFL rosters. Solidifying the core of the roster with youth and early draft compensation can rejuvenate an organization for years. Bringing in veterans with a proven track record can seal up a championship roster.

Most teams try to find a healthy balance between youth and age, including Howie Roseman.

After his first ten seasons with the Philadelphia Eagles, Roseman finally got his shot to do it his way. After establishing his presence as new GM, Roseman began molding the roster to his ideology and transformed the Birds into one of the youngest teams in the league.

The Philadelphia Eagles became the 2010 NFC East champions and Howie Roseman was finally able to contribute. After Andy Reid’s reign in Philly concluded, HC Chip Kelly entered town and gained control over final roster decisions until his release in 2016.


With Andy Reid and Chip Kelly now no longer in the picture, Howie Roseman now answers to his own jurisdiction and can pull strings how he sees fit.

Roseman put his 17 years of NFL experience on display in 2017, reminding every franchise that a well-planned, intricate blueprint matters. Stuffing talent on a roster only takes a team so far.

Howie Roseman’s accomplishments won him the honors of the 2017 PFWA Executive of the Year. Since his star-studded 2017 season, Roseman’s desk has stayed busy. Injuries have demolished the Philadelphia Eagles in the past three seasons; however, Howie always has a plan:

“A roster that had won playoff games with its backup quarterback in back-to-back years finally reached January with its starter. Then he got hurt again. It was that kind of year — again — in Philadelphia, but even “those kinds of years” have produced postseason appearances under Howie Roseman. Only one other team the entire decade, the 2011 Texans, won a playoff game with its backup quarterback.”

– Patrick Daugherty, Rotoworld

Howie Roseman is one of the NFL’s premier general managers. The pairing of four excellent, selfless minds — Eagles Owner Jeffrey Lurie, GM Howie Roseman, HC Doug Pederson, and QB Carson Wentz — is the core stepping stone for any future postseason success in Philadelphia.

When a franchise has four of their most crucial roles filled with bright minds, the outcomes are endless.
Never forget how good we have it in Philly, friends; being an Eagles fan is shaping out to be a rather fortunate scenario.

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