Roman Quinn, or Adam Haseley?
That was the question going into Spring Training this year, and halfway through the season, it appears we have our answer.

Quinn has started 18 games (17 in center) to Haseley’s eight games (seven in center).

But is Quinn really the better option out there?

The answer is a resounding yes.

Let’s address the elephant in the room right off the bat. Quinn’s defense is suspect. There’s been a few examples this season alone of him badly misplaying balls in the outfield, diving when he should have let the ball drop in front of him. That’s obviously not good and will cost the Phillies some games.

But with the right coaching – and let’s be honest, Joe Girardi seems like the right coach – he’ll correct that and stop making those mistakes.

Haseley is definitely a better fielder than Quinn. Check out this catch from last year.

But is that worthy enough to give him more playing time over Quinn, when Quinn brings so much more to the game on a daily basis?

Quinn is the fastest player in baseball this season. His speed makes him a huge threat when he’s on the base paths. He’s a constant threat to steal and is a perfect 6-6 this year in attempts.

What could be potentially more valuable is his smarts on the base paths and knowing how to slide.

And that’s not the only great slide. Just a few days after that, he was able to get under another tag and score.

When asked about it, Quinn said:

“I pay more attention to the catcher and how he’s catching the ball and how I can beat him to home plate without him tagging me.”

That’s the X factor that Quinn brings. And we haven’t even talked about him at the plate and his ability to lay down the perfect bunt.

The bottom line is, Quinn seems to be a catalyst for this team, a real difference-maker. Sure, he makes bone-headed mistakes in the field. But he can fix that. I just don’t think Haseley brings more to this team than Quinn does.

That’s not to say that Haseley is a bad player. Quite the contrary, I think he can be a very good player in this league. But the Phillies seem to believe he can’t hit lefties, and he’s only had two at-bats against them this year. He’s going to have to take advantage of every opportunity he gets to prove them wrong, but it’s not looking like he’s going to have many chances.

If Quinn goes down – something entirely likely considering he seems to be so injury prone – Haseley might get more of a shot.
Until then, Quinn needs to be in center as often as possible. In this shortened season, his unique skills are more valuable than ever.

Featured Image: Yong Kim/The Philadelphia Inquirer
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