With every off-season comes some form of turnover from almost every team in the NBA.

Whether it be through trades, free agency, or changes in the front office, it is very rare that an NBA team will look exactly the same in two consecutive seasons. We already know that the Sixers will be looking for a new head coach this offseason as well as potentially shaking things up in the front office, but what about the players?

What players from this season should be on the roster next year?

What moves should the front office look to make this off-season for players currently slated to be on the 2020-21 roster?

Free Agents

Let’s first begin with the players who are currently not under contract with the 76ers for this upcoming season and whether or not the front office should attempt to bring them back. The current free agents for the Sixers are Alec Burks, Kyle O’Quinn, Raul Neto, Norvel Pelle, Ryan Broekhoff, and Marial Shayok. The first name listed is the first name to mention; Alec Burks. Burks proved to be a solid scorer off of the bench this season for the Golden State Warriors and 76ers after he was traded. He is certainly a piece the Sixers will want to bring back for next season. The only issue will be whether or not he will want a contract that the Sixers can provide him. With some larger contracts currently on the books for next season, don’t worry we’ll get to that, it may be difficult to give Burks the money he may want.

As for the other names listed, it would not be a surprise if they were all allowed to walk in free agency. O’Quinn, Neto, and Pelle have all, to this point, not fully proven themselves to be positional backups on contending teams. While they are certainly NBA talents, the Sixers should look to improve upon those backup positions through the draft or free agency. Marial Shayok did not have much playing time with the Sixers this season and they may look to bring him back on a smaller contract if a roster spot is available. The final name, Ryan Broekhoff, is an interesting one. Broekhoff was signed as the season was beginning the restart period but did not join the Sixers as he chose to opt-out and remain with his family. The Sixers certainly seemed interested enough in him to offer Broekhoff a contract this season. Therefore, they may extend him an offer next season as well. Time will tell with Broekhoff’s case, however.

Briefly, we will also include Glenn Robinson who was traded to the Sixers along with Alec Burks. Robinson has a Player Option so should he decide to opt-in, he will be on the Sixers’ roster next season. If he opts-out, he will be a free agent as well.

Contracted Players

As it stands, barring any trades, the players currently on the 76ers’ roster for the 20-21 season are Ben Simmons, Tobias Harris, Joel Embiid, Al Horford, Josh Richardson, Mike Scott, Matisse Thybulle, Furkan Korkmaz, Shake Milton, and Zhaire Smith.

Though there seems to be some speculation about Tobias Harris based primarily on his contract, there only seems to be one name on that list that has had trade rumors attached to it since he was signed, and that would be Al Horford. Though the national media would have us believe that either Ben Simmons or Joel Embiid will be traded this offseason, Elton Brand himself has stated that neither of them will be leaving Philadelphia. Horford however, could be sent out this off-season. Though the Sixers began utilizing him in different ways towards the end of the season that seemed to benefit him slightly, Horford does not fit well in this rotation and will most likely be traded this off-season. His large contract is another reason why the team may try to move on from him this off-season.

The only other name on that list who could feasibly be traded maybe Mike Scott. Scott did not see much of the court in meaningful minutes this season and though his cap hit is not egregious, he could also be on the way out. Scott could possibly be a part of a package deal with Horford or be sent out for some future picks. Scott’s ability to stretch the floor as a big man is highly sought after, but his tendencies to make bad plays defensively and pick up unnecessary fouls certainly affects his value.

Players being traded away is incredibly hard to predict, but these two players seem to be the most likely if there will be any trades for the Sixers at all. Once this abbreviated period of free agency begins at the conclusion of the 2019-2020 NBA season, potential trades may begin to take shape for the team.

Who do you think the Sixers should move on from this offseason?
Who should the Sixers keep?

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