76ers star Ben Simmons had an interesting 2019-2020 season.

Ben had an off-season filled with immense criticism for his lack of long-distance shooting, followed by being named an NBA All-Star, only to succumb to injury not once, but twice. This season will surely be filled with more criticism from the national media at least.

If there is one thing that fans of the 76ers would want Ben to work on this off-season, what should it be?

As previously stated, the last off-season for Ben Simmons was primarily dominated by criticism based on his lack of three-point shooting. While there will no doubt be more of that this off-season as Simmons did not really help his case by shooting very few threes this past season, that’s not what we’re talking about here today. What we, the fans, truly want from Ben this off-season is not a pure basketball ability. We don’t want a technical skill to be improved upon either. What Ben needs to work on this off-season more than anything is his health.

The common sports adage is that the best ability is availability.

For Ben, that couldn’t be more of the truth.

Simmons was incredibly missed during the end of the regular season before the shutdown as well as the playoff series against the Boston Celtics. While Simmons being outdone allow a player like Shake Milton to prove his worth as a solid rotational player for the Sixers, the fans and the Sixers Organization would much rather have Ben on the court. That statement couldn’t have been truer during the playoffs specifically.

Simmons’ defense and passing were both sorely missed against the Celtics team that a healthy Sixers had taken three of four from in the regular season. Simmons’ ability to get to the rim seemingly at will was also missed. Simply put, Ben was needed on the court.

So, what should Ben Simmons’ off-season goal be?

Ben’s goal should be to get as healthy as possible before next season.
The Sixers are at their best when their best players are on the court and Ben Simmons is certainly one of the best.

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