The NBA is in for a great Eastern Conference Finals matchup between the Miami Heat and the Boston Celtics starting on Tuesday.
The two teams have been dominant in the bubble, and even though they are not the No. 1 seed or No. 2 seed, they have been the two best teams in the East since the restart.

Come tip-off, the Heat will be led by former Sixer, Jimmy Butler, and the Celtics will be led by should’ve been Sixer, Jayson Tatum. The Sixers have their fingerprints all over this Eastern Conference Final matchup, and not in the way we hoped they would.

The two favorites to compete for a Finals appearance from the opening night were the Milwaukee Bucks and the Philadelphia 76ers. The Bucks nearly got swept by the Heat in the second round but ended up losing 4 games to 1. The Sixers, well… We know how that ended. 

The Heat and Celtics should thank the Sixers. The Sixers gifted the Heat and the Celtics with their best players. 

The Sixers’ front office is no stranger to being fleeced in trades, but these two stand out the most because we are sitting at home watching two of the league’s best players compete for a Finals appearance that the Sixers either let go or passed on.

Josh Richardson, who the Sixers received in the Jimmy Butler deal, had very many lows and not enough highs in his first season with Philadelphia. He was often injured, extremely inconsistent, and watching Butler’s first season in Miami makes it feel even worse. 

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Jayson Tatum as we all know has blossomed into a star in Boston, his development over the last two seasons has been a bad sight for Sixers fans to see. Markelle Fultz who was drafted above Tatum is now with the Magic and is an average player at best. This blatant miss will be haunting Sixers fans for years to come. 

The Sixers’ future is still bright however, they have a chance to right their wrongs with a new coaching hire and hopefully a few offseason trades. After a lot of controversy about who they might hire to lead their team next year, I actually think the Sixers head coaching job is a pretty attractive job.

If the team can somehow find a way to unload one of Al Horford or Tobias Harris’ contract, the Sixers might have a fighting chance next season. 

In all likelihood, if one of Butler or Tatum was here the Sixers would not have Horford or Harris, and therefore, they would be in a better position moving forward.
One thing is for sure: Jimmy Butler or Jayson Tatum would sure look nice in red white, and blue. 

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