And it’s not close.

After a miserly start to the season, it is time to reset expectations around the Philadelphia Eagles. Pederson & Co. marched into FedEx Field to face a nameless Washington Team whose hopes are in the hands of Dwayne “this guy is a patently bad quarterback” Haskins.

Instead of returning home victorious, they spent the long bus ride home brainstorming excuses as to why the entire City of Philadelphia did not get free coffee.

Goff tosses 3 TD passes to Higbee, Los Angeles Rams beat Philadelphia Eagles 37-19 - 6abc Philadelphia
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This last week invited in a legitimate foe, albeit a beatable one. Every season that passes feels like further evidence that Jared Goff is an overrated quarterback, and now he lacks the rushing attack to trip up opposing defenses.

NFL-poster-child Sean McVay, the former Coach of the Year who had never beaten Doug Pederson, had all the answers.

After spending an offseason struggling to convince ourselves the Jalen Hurts pick was not a complete mistake, Eagles fans sat idly by as the linebacker corps from Little Giants was picked apart.

Heading into Week 3 calls for Pederson’s resignation, Wentz’ benching, and Howie’s head on a pike echo through the streets of Philadelphia, and justifiably so.

Philadelphia is not known as a championship city, but it is not a city of losers, either.

Save for the Phillies, each major sports team has maintained a reputation of a competitive, playoff-caliber organization.

The Sixers’ infamous Process has been the recipient of scathing punditry, but the team is still the third-winningest team in NBA history behind the Lakers and Celtics.

The Flyers are legendary for their role in making hockey the bloodbath it has become. Just a decade ago the Phillies were winning division titles like they were the Patriots.

Hell, even the Union are good now.

The Eagles have yet to recover from their Super Bowl hangover. Since 2017 the Eagles have sat atop “Best Teams Over the Next 5 Years” lists and annual power rankings, but in reality, Frank Reich convinced us we were champions.

At the hands of Jim Schwartz and Doug Pederson, we are not.

Fumble feast in Philadelphia: Seahawks pounce on miscues to beat Eagles on road and improve to 9-2 | The Seattle Times
Photo: Dean Rutz / The Seattle Times

Football is a unique sport insofar as the competitive weight of every game. The Phillies could hypothetically drop back to back games every week and still sit atop the National League, but with a 16-game season, the Eagles are not so lucky. Starting 0-2, particularly after a division loss, is a damning start to the season. The Phillies, teetering at the edge of playoff contention, can finagle their way into a wild card slot with the kind of bullpen that begs the question, “Et tu Bruté?” Meanwhile, the Eagles cannot muster more than 17 points against 2019’s NFC East Sacko Champion or that little runt McVay.

Carson Wentz is still our QB1. This team has every chance to turn this season around. Frankly, if the last four games of last season are of any indication, Wentz can carry my high school’s JV team to a division title if the Cowboys play badly enough. But the last three years of mistakes have been glossed over because the team brought home the first Lombardi Trophy to Philadelphia. It is beyond time to give Pederson, Schwartz, Roseman, Wentz, and the entire franchise, top to bottom, the criticism they deserve.

Until the team proves it can perform the way it did during the Super Bowl run, the Eagles will remain the worst team in Philadelphia and living evidence that we are not a City of Champions.

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