It was reported that the job of 76ers head coach is former Houston Rockets coach Mark D’Antoni’s to lose after Billy Donovan signed with the Bulls and Tyronn Lue looks to be destined for Houston.

It was also reported that if D’Antoni was to be hired the Sixers would make trades in order to fit D’Antoni’s system. 

We can argue whether or not D’Antoni is the right choice for the head coaching vacancy in Philadelphia, but let’s focus on the second part: who might they trade if D’Antoni is hired?

D’Antoni is known for his small-ball philosophy of coaching, lots and lots of shooters on the floor at all times, so the roster as currently constructed doesn’t make a whole lot of sense for D’Antoni.

The Obvious Choices

Al Horford 

Horford signed a massive 4-year $109 million contract this past offseason. His value is at an all-time low after an incredibly disappointing 2020 campaign. Horford’s name has come up in trade rumors all offseason so it would not surprise me to see the Sixers front office push to move Horford.The problem with an Al Horford trade would arise with the large contract, it would likely be off-set with another big contract, maybe with somebody who fits a little better. Buddy Hield? 

Tobias Harris

Harris, similar to Horford signed a massive deal this past offseason, worth 5-years and $180 million. Tobias Harris didn’t disappoint as badly as Horford, but still disappointed nonetheless. Harris fits D’Antoni’s system a lot better than Horford, but the Sixers could still look to move on to clear the salary.I feel like a deal involving Harris is a lot less likely than a deal involving Horford but it is no surprise that Harris underperformed this season. 

The Interesting Choice

Ben Simmons

I have been a long proponent of keeping both Embiid and Simmons in Philadelphia long-term. The Sixers’ front office doesn’t seem to feel the same way. I’m not suggesting that I would trade Ben Simmons this offseason but I feel as if the Sixers are open to it. It is difficult to find a worse fit in D’Antoni’s offense than Ben Simmons. The Mark D’Antoni and Ben Simmons relationship could go one of two ways. Hypothetically, D’Antoni could encourage Simmons to shoot a lot more, and we saw in the bubble that Simmons is finally open to shooting. I could also see it ending in less playing time for Simmons in key moments of games, which would obviously end the relationship sour. 

I’m not entirely sure who the Sixers would look to move on from. I completely disagree with trading players just to fit a coaches system, as the players will most likely be here longer than the coach. Then again, I disagree with a lot of the things the Sixers front office does.

Trading Horford or Harris would make sense from a monetary standpoint, but trading an Embiid or Simmons just doesn’t make sense.
I don’t put any faith in the Sixers to do a logical thing, though. 

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