The Sixers’ newest coaching hire may pay dividends very quickly in the form of Tobias Harris.

Tobias Harris came over to the Sixers in the midst of his best professional season.

Believe it or not, Harris was shooting 42% from three-point range and averaging 20.3 points and 7.2 rebounds per game all under the watch of former Clippers head coach and now Sixers head coach, Doc Rivers.

It was all clicking for Harris who bet on himself after turning down a deal worth $80 million with the Clippers. His gamble paid off when he cashed in on the Sixers offer of $180 million over 5 years. Since the trade happened, Harris has been a disappointment. At times, the Sixers max player seemed like an afterthought in the offense under former head coach, Brett Brown. The pecking order normally went back and forth between Embiid and Simmons and then a mix of Harris, Richardson, and Horford. If you’re paying Tobias Harris star-caliber money, he can not be an afterthought. Harris has been streaky from behind the arc since arriving in Philadelphia, we have yet to see the same guy from LA. 

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This past year, Tobias Harris averaged close to his 20ish points and 7ish rebounds per game, but the drop off was with his three-point shot. Harris’ career average from three sits at 36% and that is exactly what he shot this year. If Doc Rivers can find a way to scheme Harris open looks the same way he did when the two were paired in LA, Harris’ contributions would change the team.

If Harris could return to his pre-trade form under Doc Rivers it would give the Sixers a massive boost, almost like signing a brand new player.

Tobias Harris may never be the player we hoped he might be, and almost certainly won’t live up to the $180 million contract he received, but none of that will matter all that much if he can make routine three-pointers on a consistent basis.

The NBA world seems to all love the Doc Rivers hire and I’m no exception, the Sixers nailed this hire. Rivers will hold the team accountable, something that the Brett Brown regime failed to do.

A little accountability may be all Tobias Harris needs to show us why he is worth his max contract, and Rivers is the first step to that.

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