During Doc Rivers’ time in Los Angeles, he frequently utilized the 1-4 High Offense, an offensive formation that features one ball handler at the top of the key facing four options to either pass to or run a play with.

Each of the four options lines up in a straight line along the free-throw line, located on the elbows and three-point lines.

Though there is much impending roster turnover looming this offseason, below I have come up with a demonstration of what this offense would look like with the Sixers 2020 starters.

Sixers Starting Lineup With Current Roster  

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25 Simmons – 20 Milton – 21 Embiid – 42 Horford – 12 Harris

This formation would benefit the Sixers offense greatly as it would not only offer a solution to the spacing problems they’ve dealt with in recent years, but it would also play to the Sixers’ strengths, as it heavily features the screen game as well as off-ball cuts to scheme players open.

As far as the screen game goes, this formation allows the initial ball handler to have four separate pick and roll/pop options to run the playthrough, each of which having the ability to give each other off-ball screens and gain separation from each other’s defenders. Also, having players simply cut to the opposite side of the court in this formation opens up a lot of space for the offense, as usually cutting and other off-ball movements can draw a specific defender out into the open against his man with little to no help, allowing many mismatches to be taken advantage of.

Though Simmons’ can play both the point guard position and in the frontcourt, Rivers has experience bringing the most out of his talent who shared the same roles in this offense. When Lining up Simmons at the Point Guard spot, Doc Rivers can use his experience from coaching Rajon Rondo during his Celtics years and turning him into a valuable piece during their championship run, as Simmons and Rondo are often compared due to their passing ability on offense though they struggled from outside the three-point line.

Later in his coaching career, Rivers was responsible for the emergence of Blake Griffin into an MVP candidate in the 2013-2014 season. If the younger guard Shake Milton was to bring the ball up, Simmons’ role would strongly resemble that of Blake Griffin’s when he played in Rivers’ offense. Seeing as Simmons shares many of the same skills and attributes as Griffin, Rivers should be able to get to him to replicate some of the success Griffin endured.

Under a Doc River’s coached offense, expect to see many of the Sixers key players benefit from the additional space and thrive off ball-movement and screens

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