Philadelphia governor Tom Wolf announced that he will allow sports fans at 15% capacity in outdoor sporting events, which is great news for Eagles fans.

No one will know for sure when fans will be allowed back into indoor sporting arenas, especially NBA games. Fan attendance in the NFL is based on the rules set by the state where the team is based out of. The NBA has shown they will air on the side of caution with the players and fans, so who knows.

This doesn’t necessarily mean anything for the Sixers who play indoors at the Wells Fargo Center, but it does look promising for the NBA’s return date of January 1st, 2021.

One thing is for sure, fan attendance would be massive for the Sixers in the 2021 season. The Sixers finished with an astounding 31-4 home record in 2020 and a 12-26 record on the road. This stark difference is nothing but proof that the Sixers more than any team in the NBA benefit from a home-court advantage.

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Fan attendance would be huge for the entire league from a revenue perspective. Per Statista, ticket sales made up a whopping 22% of league revenue. If stadiums were to be empty again in 2021 it may lead to drastic cutbacks within the organization including spending power in the free agency market.

The NBA has shown time and time again that they are not afraid to set a precedent but the league needs revenue if they want to keep their head above water. The league may have their hands tied with this one.

Who knows, for all we know there might be a vaccine for the virus by the time the NBA opens up the 2021 season.
Fan attendance may not be the same this season and it may never be the same again, but the Sixers and the NBA as a whole need the Philadelphia faithful to be in full effect if they are permitted in the arena.

Featured Image: Bill Streicher/USA TODAY Sports
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