This past week, former head coach of the Memphis Grizzlies and Sacramento Kings Dave Joerger agreed to join Doc Rivers as an assistant head coach for the Sixers.

This latest signing has only added fuel to the fire for the speculation that the Sixers will attempt to trade for current Kings’ guard Buddy Hield this offseason. It has been widely speculated that Hield is unhappy in Sacramento and has been tied to the Sixers since these rumors began to circulate.

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Hield and Joerger had a solid working relationship during Joerger’s three seasons in Sacramento which could only further the possibility that Hield to the Sixers may happen.

Buddy Hield is an ideal fit for the Sixers’ guard rotation because of his ability to handle the ball, create his own shots, and knock down open jumpers.

So, what is the likelihood this deal gets done?

This trade would truly depend on two things. The first would depend on if Buddy is truly unhappy playing in Sacramento. The Kings are currently compensating Hield very well for the next four seasons. However, they have failed to put together a legitimate contending team in the Western Conference. While the team is not bad, they haven’t been able to get over the hump and make any waves out west. This lack of contention would most likely be the reason for Buddy’s unhappiness if that truly is the case. If Buddy wants out of Sacramento, and the league knows that, he may sell for less than market value.

Which brings us to our next point: the trade price.

If Buddy is unhappy and wants out, the Sixers may be able to trade a decent package for Hield without overspending. Possibly the Al Horford contract and a few picks for Hield could be the deal. However, if the Kings are content with demanding a higher value for Hield, it may cost the Sixers some young talent and draft capital to acquire him. If the latter is the case, the much-maligned front office will have to weigh its options and decide if it is worth trading for Hield.

We will find out what the future holds for both Hield and the Sixers this offseason, but the trade talks are real here. It is entirely possible Buddy Hield will be in a Sixers uniform come next season.
Do you think the Sixers should trade for Buddy Hield?

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