Since signing with the Sixers the last offseason, former All-Star Al Horford has become one of the biggest disappointments in the history of Philly sports.
Now, a year later, the Sixers seem to be doing everything in their power to rid themselves of the former all-star and the massive contract they handed him.

With a contract as unappealing as Horford’s, it will be hard to find many trade suitors and the Sixers will likely have to package either picks or young talent with the aging veteran to make a trade more desirable.

If Horford is to be traded, look for a team with the cap space to do it that is also interested in gaining the assets the Sixers would include with Horford, such as the following three teams…

Golden State Warriors

After losing Kevin Durant in free agency and having their superstar core devastated by injuries all season, the Warriors have found themselves in a position to host a lot of young talent on their roster next season. Whether it be young players who emerged during their lackluster season this past year or players they will add through the draft (2nd Overall Pick) and/or free agency.

With an opportunity to get their core back healthy again, the Warriors seem to be a team that’s heading in the right direction and I wouldn’t put it past them to take on Horford’s contract in exchange for also acquiring some young talent or the picks to do so themselves. If this deal were to come to fruition, expect the Warriors to try and flip Andrew Wiggins for Horford and some picks.

Sacramento Kings

Photo: Chris Szagola/AP

This offseason the Sixers’ biggest priority is adding a perimeter shooting threat to help solve their offensive spacing issues, and with an angry Buddy Hield seemingly very available in Sacramento, the Sixers could look to kill two birds with one stone by trading away Horford to the Kings. The Kings, though they have found some young talent with potential, still find themselves far away from legitimate contention and continue to look to acquire younger players who they hope can become solid foundational pieces for their line-up.

A trade with the Kings would be similar to the Warriors trade in that they would likely swap Horford for Hield and include picks, however, I would not be surprised to see younger players on the sixers like Zhaire Smith included to make this deal go through.

Chicago Bulls

The Bulls hired Billy Donovan this offseason, and though they have a talented frontcourt in Lauri Markkanen and Wendell Carter Jr., don’t be surprised if Donovan pushes for a reunion with Horford, who he coached to two back to back NCAA Championships at Florida.

The Bulls have talent at each position and look to be a young team ready to make their next step, adding Horford may provide the veteran leadership that all successful teams rely on. If a trade were to happen, then expect the Sixers to try and get a young player like Denzel Valentine in return for Horford, and probably some picks being exchanged in the process as well.

Overall, the Sixers will likely have to ship away picks and/or other assets to send Horford packing, it’s up to Elton Brand to make the most out of their current predicament.

Featured Image: Chris Szagola/AP
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