It has been rumored that the 76ers are heavily interested in trading for All-Star guard James Harden.

Harden is currently on the Houston Rockets, the former franchisee of newly hired, Daryl Morey. Harden is one of the NBA’s elite talents and would make the Sixers an instant title contender.

That being said, the asking price for Harden would be a steep one.

Here’s what the Sixers would have to give up to acquire James Harden.

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Salary cap-wise, there is almost no way this move could be made without trading one of two players, and it would still be fuzzy after that. There is no feasible way the Sixers could acquire Harden without trading away either Al Horford or Tobias Harris. Regardless of play-style or which player would be a better fit for the Rockets, the Sixers cannot trade for Harden without also trading at least one of their salaries. That is if the Rockets would be willing to complete a deal that didn’t include Ben Simmons or Joel Embiid. Ideally, the Sixers want to keep their two young stars together, but the Rockets may not be willing to trade Harden unless one of them is included in the deal. It would be a tough sell for the fans to buy into trading one of their home-grown talents for Harden, but it may be a move that gets done.

The Rockets would also demand picks from the Sixers. We could expect a plethora, or first-round picks to be included in a deal for Harden, especially if Embiid or Simmons aren’t included in the deal. That fact alone leads to an already monumental task for newly hired President of Basketball Operations, Daryl Morey, and newly extended General Manager of the Sixers, Elton Brand. Can they and are they willing to mortgage the Sixer’s long-term future for James Harden. That is a decision that is not for us the fans to decide, but it is a very real one that our team faces.

Whether or not the Sixers do end up acquiring James Harden, the team is already proving itself to be willing to make ground-breaking moves.

The truly incredible GM and front offices across all sports are not content with their rosters ever. If the Sixers are already proving they’re willing to do whatever it takes to improve, then we are in for a very fun season.

What do you think about the potential Harden trade?

Featured Image: Kim Klement/USA Today Sports
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