We are now halfway through the NFL season and there is still no clarity on the Jalen Hurts situation.

In this past April’s draft, the Eagles shocked the fanbase and the NFL community by taking Oklahoma standout quarterback Jalen Hurts with the 53rd pick in the draft.

Eagles fans around the world were shocked. Nobody had any idea what was going on and quite frankly, we still don’t.

Now I just want to state this, I absolutely love Jalen Hurts.  He was my favorite player in college last year and he is a great teammate, but there is absolutely no need for him here.  Hurts fit the mold of the new wave of quarterbacks(Lamar Jackson and Kyler Murray are prime examples), he is very athletic and runs the option very well. The only problem is, the Eagles have Carson Wentz, and they just gave him big money.

I would imagine all Eagles fans had the same reaction as me on that night, “What the hell is going?”.  As soon as that pick was made, the trade speculation started.  This pick was the last thing Carson and this city needed, more QB drama.  Before Hurts even got to Philadelphia fans were talking about trading Wentz.

Now I still ask myself this question every day, you just get out of a QB dilemma with Foles and now you add Hurts, why??

So of course with a pick like this made, the reports start coming in.

Reports were saying the Eagles would run a 2 QB offense with Hurts acting like Taysom Hill but on “steroids”.  Eagles fans were excited to see what the season would hold.

Fast forward to the bye, so far this season Jalen Hurts is 2/2 for 27 yards, 9 rushing attempts for 51 yards, and has added 1 catch for 3 yards.  So much for Taysom Hill on steroids!

So, the main question still stands: what is the overall plan for Jalen Hurts now and in the future?

The plan for the short-term seems pretty simple, throw Hurts in for some trickery and try to throw opposing defenses off.  I would like to see Hurts throw more since when he comes in it is usually a run or an option play, just to throw the defense off a little more.  The one question all Eagles fans have is what does the future down the road, not just this season, hold for Jalen Hurts?

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The best part is, no one has a single idea what the Eagles’ end goal is with Jalen Hurts.  Do they plan on starting him soon with the struggles of Wentz and turning him into the franchise QB? Do they plan on him being the starting QB, but in 2 to 3 years? Do they plan on just keeping him around for 4 years as a backup to Wentz and occasionally getting in for trick plays then just letting him walk? Is he just going to be this “gadget” QB that gets maybe six snaps a game?  Or do they plan on trying to flip him for a first-rounder down the road?

The last idea is the only logical thing I can think of: Playing Hurts in spurts or has him start a couple of games if Wentz goes down and he looks good could help boost his value.

Were the Eagles thinking that maybe they could turn a second-round pick into a first-round pick later down the road? Maybe a QB needy team comes along in 2 to 3 years and is willing to part with their first-round pick for Hurts.  We can speculate all we want about the plan for Hurts, but the bottom line is none of us know what the plan is.

Honestly, are we even sure the front office and Doug know what the future holds for Hurts?

With names like Jeremy Chinn, Denzel Mims, J.K. Dobbins, Willie Gay Jr., and Kristian Fulton all still on the board at 53, there was no need for a QB. Even if there is some sort of master plan to flip Hurts for a 1st, you still don’t make that pick. This team has glaring holes on the defense, and it is showing now. You can’t compete in the NFL without at least average LB play but this team refuses to spend premium picks on them. You don’t make a pick like this when you have positions of need, you just don’t.

I will never understand or support the pick for Jalen Hurts, even though I loved him in college.  With the glaring holes on this team, taking a QB at 53 will never make sense to me, but here we are.

I hope to see some more Hurts in the second half of the season to spice up the offense.
Maybe the bye will help Doug find more ways to incorporate Hurts into the offense. Only time will tell.

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