Let me make this very clear: James Harden on the Sixers is a terrible idea.
The idea that the Sixers need to trade one of Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid is farfetched anyway, but to trade one of Simmons or Embiid and pair the remaining one with James Harden is just irresponsible.

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Harden, now 31, is going into his 9th year with the Rockets and from all accounts, the Rockets have no plan of moving on from him. Once the 76ers hired Daryl Morey it was inevitable that trade rumors would follow and Harden was number 1 on the list. 

Morey has made it clear that he can’t wait to work with Embiid and build a team around him. Where does that leave Simmons in all of this?

Well, Simmons would likely be the one to go if the Sixers were to pull off a trade for the beard. Given Morey’s relationship with the Rockets organization, I guess it wouldn’t be that improbable for him to look to add from his former team but how would this actually help the Sixers this year or in the future? Also, why do we keep trying to trade Ben Simmons?A James Harden trade would start with Simmons, not end. It’s likely to see an abundance of first-round picks, and even a player like fan-favorite Matisse Thybulle also included in that deal. 

It’s tough to know exactly what it would take for the Sixers to pry Harden from the Rockets because there isn’t actually any evidence that it might happen, just rumor.

Harden, with a long history of being one of the better players in the league, will demand substantial assets from a team with not a lot to give. 

Not only would a Harden to Philadelphia trade be horrendous future wise, but could also you imagine watching a basketball game highlighted by Embiid and Harden on the same team? The game would last an extra hour and at least half of the team’s total points would be from the foul line.

You thought it was hard to watch a Brett Brown coached team? Take a look at this team.

Do I actually think the Sixers would trade for James Harden? Absolutely not.
It would be an awfully short-sighted move and the Sixers are finally in the good graces of Philadelphia fans. 

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