Our Philadelphia 76ers released their new “city” uniforms designed in part by Ben Simmons.

While these new jerseys are not a direct callback to the old school black jerseys worn by the likes of Allen Iverson and Andre Iguodala, they do pay homage to the black design with a slightly modern look to it.

Let’s dissect the jerseys and see what the fans think about them.

Photo: Philadelphia 76ers

While the Sixers’ fan base would love a direct callback to the black Sixers uniform mentioned above, these new city jerseys are black as well. Across all sports, black jerseys are very clean designs that can really accent the other colors in the jersey which, for the Sixers, will be the blue and red stripes as well as the white lettering.

The jersey also contains the Nike and StubHub logos on the shoulders which actually fit on the jerseys compared to some company logos that throw the jersey off completely. A perfect example of that would be the yellow Bumble logo on the Los Angeles Clippers uniforms. Despite these positive traits, fans have seemed to have very mixed opinions about the jerseys.

Once the jerseys were released, it seemed as though the fans would love the new black design that was teased. Then the fans saw Boathouse Row across the front of them for some reason.

Now, Boathouse Row is not exactly a bad design, but why is that the design of choice?

Of all of the historical, significant, and recognizable landmarks in Philadelphia, we chose Boathouse Row?

This is obviously just one person’s opinion, but if the Boathouse Row design was taken out, they might be the best alternate jersey in the league. However, because of the addition of it, it looks too jumbled and messy. We get it, the theme is a “city” jersey and therefore there should be something reflective of the city of Philadelphia on the jersey.

But again I ask, why Boathouse Row?

If you’re from Boathouse Row and you’re reading this, it’s nothing against you. Boathouse Row is fine, the water is beautiful and the houses are very nice. But why is that the most reflective part of Philadelphia we could include on a jersey? Props to the design team for sneaking in a “TTP” for Trust the Process, however. That was very clever.

What do you think of the new Sixers jerseys?

Featured Image: Philadelphia 76ers
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