Quarterbacks who are drafted in the same draft class are always linked and compared throughout their careers, even more so if they are drafted first and second overall, as Jared Goff and Carson Wentz were in the 2016 NFL Draft.

Carson Wentz has dominated the comparison until this year. While there was national media attention questioning whether the Rams should have given Goff a long term deal, almost everyone was on board with the Eagles paying Wentz whatever it took to get him to stay in Philadelphia long term. Wentz had a good rookie season, he made a huge jump in his sophomore campaign that ultimately ended in an ACL injury that derailed his MVP season, he had to watch Nick Foles win the Super Bowl, battle injuries again the next year, and last year he threw for 4,000 yards and took a practice squad to the playoffs, where he (of course) was injured again. Injuries were the only concern that anyone could bring up when arguing whether Wentz was the long term solution in Philadelphia. However, this season has cast doubt over Wentz’s future with the Eagles and his game has appeared to regress.

Goff on the other hand has had a much more criticized path to the 2020 season. His rookie year he was dreadful, starting seven games, losing all seven, and finishing with a completion percentage under 55% and a QBR of 18.9. He was also the “star” of Hard Knocks his rookie summer and was famously quoted not knowing whether the sun rises in the East or the West. The Rams fired Jeff Fisher and hired Sean McVay following Goff’s rookie season and in McVay’s “boy genius” offense Goff has been able to produce quality numbers.

Goff has been to two pro bowls, has led the Rams to three straight winning seasons, two playoff appearances, and a Super Bowl appearance. However, even though Goff has a career 40-24 record as a starter (40-17 with Sean McVay), and has the Rams sitting atop the NFC West at 7-3, all the credit goes to McVay and his offensive genius for figuring out how to make it work with Goff.

This season has left the Eagles and fans wondering what is next, who is to blame, and what has to change. This 2020 Eagles team is not good, the quarterback play has been awful, the roster is not great and the coaching has been questionable.

Whether you are part of the LTBB gang or a member of the Folesian society, it is clear that Carson Wentz’s game has regressed in 2020. The next step is finding out why and what can be done to fix this regression (if it can be fixed).

This is where the Goff comparison comes into play. Goff has been labeled as a game manager throughout his career. He makes mistakes (50 career INTs) but McVay has found a way to make him good enough to win football games by getting the ball in the receiver’s hands quickly, in space, and allowing them to get YAC. This season, Goff is completing 67.7% of his passes, has thrown for 16 touchdowns and only 8 interceptions. Wentz on the other hand has had a dreadful season, completing only 58.4% of his passes throwing 14 touchdowns, 14 interceptions, and fumbling 10 times. Wentz has looked out of sync all season while Goff has been in a rhythm for most of the year, as displayed Monday night against the Bucs.

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Not only are the quarterbacks having very different seasons, but the offenses look as if they are playing different sports. The Eagles’ offense has not been very creative this year and the team is having a hard time putting together sustained drives. They seem to always be in third and long situations and over the past two weeks have converted just ONE third down in meaningful football. The Rams, on the other hand, have a motion on almost every play, get different players involved in creative ways and provide Goff margin for error by being successful on early downs and in the quick game. Robert Woods, the Rams’ number one wide receiver, has 19 rushes for seven first downs and two touchdowns. The Eagles have had one play this season with a receiver running the ball. McVay continues to get the ball in a playmakers hands by any means necessary, something the Eagles have had trouble doing all year.

Both Pederson and McVay have been quarterback coaches in the past. Both Pederson and McVay call the plays for their respective offenses. One coach’s quarterback is trending up and one coach’s quarterback is trending down.

When comparing Goff and Wentz the question must be asked, would Carson Wentz be having this type of season if Sean McVay was calling plays? Would Jared Goff be able to survive in Doug Pederson’s offense this season?

There is no question there needs to be changed in Philadelphia, the first step should be to hire a creative offensive coordinator that can work extensively with the franchise quarterback that looks lost in 2020.

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