As the regular season approaches, the Sixers have been incredibly busy during this incredibly important offseason.

Whether it was the addition of Daryl Morey to the front office, Doc Rivers being named the new head coach, the draft day moves and acquisitions, and other free agent signings, the Sixers have been very active. This level of activity has left fans wondering if the Sixers are actually done making moves just yet.

The question shouldn’t be whether or not the Sixers should make any other moves; the question should be whether or not they need to.

The short answer to this question is that we simply don’t know yet. If the Sixers get off to a hot start to the season, the answer would be no. It would appear in that instance that the Sixers had made enough moves to that point. Now as the season goes on and potential injuries pop up, then more moves may be necessary for that instance, but that is too far in the future to cast judgment now.

If the Sixers get off to a slow start, and the lineup doesn’t seem to be clicking as we would hope, then the consensus would be that more moves should have been made.

But, what about right now?

Photo: Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

If we look at this lineup as it is currently constituted, do the Sixers need to make any more moves? Right now, probably not. The real questions going into the offseason in terms of needs were a legitimate backup for Ben Simmons, a legitimate backup for Joel Embiid, wings, and shooting. All of those needs have been addressed in some form or fashion. The latter three have all been addressed greatly.

The backup for Ben is still a bit murky, with no one player currently standing out as the primary ball-handler once Ben comes off of the floor, although we could probably assume it would be Shake Milton for now. However, there is no lack of depth at the guard position, which is not something the Sixers could have said this time last year.

It is truly still to be seen whether or not any moves should or will be made. But as of now, it appears that no more moves need to be made.

Do you think the Sixers need to make any more moves before the season starts?

Featured Image: Mitchell Leff/Getty Images
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