Anyone with a pulse knows this season has been a struggle in almost every facet of the game for the Philadelphia Eagles.
Undisciplined, sloppy, and downright ugly 85% of the time, and that’s being generous.

I will be the first to admit Carson Wentz has made me question multiple times whether he was the leader of the future for this team. Take a deep breath. Carson is our guy. Let’s chalk this entire season up to the absurdity and chaos that is 2020 (including Coach Pederson’s dumb-dumb brain).

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Through 11 games, Wentz has 16 touchdowns to 15 interceptions and four fumbles. That many turnovers are not great, but there is another statistic that slightly justifies this: sacks.

Wentz has been sacked 46 times. FORTY-SIX. That’s a comfortable 11-sack lead over the second-most sacked quarterback: Russell Wilson.

He is stuck running for his life out there and feels the pressure to make a play on his own. [According to Pro-Football-Reference, Wentz is being blitzed at the second-highest rate of any quarterback, and being hit more than any other quarterback.

On dropbacks, Wentz is facing pressure 27% of the time, which is the sixth-highest rate this season, with a completion rating of 32.1% in those pressured situations. On pass plays, he is being sacked 9.8% of the time].

Receivers are not allowed that extra second for separation leading to 23 dropped passes (remember, five of these guys are rookies or practice squad players still developing). Running backs are unable to get to their routes timely, which has led to uncharacteristic drops or throws into the ground in the backfield. Boston Scott and Miles Sanders have seen their catch percent decrease from 92.3% to 77.8% and 79.4% to 50%, respectively.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane to Week 1 where Wentz was hit 15 times while being sacked eight of those times.

Between that game and Jalen Hurts being selected in the second round of the 2020 NFL Draft, Wentz has been stuck looking over his shoulder; that set the tone for the season. 

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Let us not forget along the offensive line the Eagles are missing Bruce Matthews Award winner Brandon Brooks, a promising second-year former first-round draft pick in Andre Dillard, and All-Pro, All-NFC Lane Johnson, who was never really healthy after missing the season opener. In addition to Isaac Seumalo not being 100% after coming off of the injured reserve list. They are four crucial pieces to putting this puzzle together. It’s going to be hard to succeed with this kind of obstacle. 

I am not washing Wentz of his bad play, but Eagles’ fans need to remember what he was able to do with minimal offensive skill players last year. NFC East champs! In 2020 fashion, Wentz faces similar obstacles, in addition to ⅗ of a top-five ranked offensive line being injured. We should not blame the offensive line rotation this year either, except Jamon Brown, for a pathetic performance against the Baltimore Ravens in week six. Brown allowed two sacks, three hurries, four quarterback hits, and even almost sacked Wentz himself. When you have a different starting rotation for 10 games, the front five are not able to develop any kind of consistent chemistry. This is fixable. 

Calling for Wentz to be benched for Hurts is ludicrous.

Hurts would be playing behind the same decimated offensive line. In addition, let’s not forget on the limited snaps Hurts has received thus far, he is fumbling on 25% of his snaps. To be fair, no fumbles resulted in a turnover, but you cannot expect that luck to continue. Hurts would be getting good experience, but at what price? Upsetting our franchise quarterback is too big of a price tag. We should not be content with losing, but ride the wave through the end of the season.

Let those who are injured get healthy, give our young players and rookies a *fingers crossed* full off-season, and get ready for the standard norm Philadelphia Eagles season in 2021.
The Birds will be back.

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