The Sixers are back in Camden at their practice facility and there is a new era in Philadelphia basketball: the Doc Rivers era.
“The Process” has washed down to the Rivers.

After an excruciating season that was dragged on longer than any other season, it seemed as if a lot of people jumped ship on the 76ers. Excitement for this season can be compared to the excitement coming into the 2017 season, the year “the process” was supposedly completed. 

Photo: Mark J. Terrill/Philadelphia Inquirer

Something that you can expect to see this season is shooting! Finally!

The Sixers have shipped out Josh Richardson and Al Horford and have added Seth Curry from the Mavericks and Danny Green from the Thunder, two players that fit a whole lot better than Richardson and Horford. The team has also drafted Tyrese Maxey from Kentucky who has been seen working on his three-point shot since his final game at Kentucky. Maxey’s ability to shoot the ball from deep, or lack thereof, was his biggest knock coming out of college and has seemed to address that.

Rivers in his first press conference told reporters:

“I guarantee you’ll see more pick and rolls with Ben and Joel in them. But I like a lot of the stuff they ran in the past, too.”

This is a welcomed change and something we rarely saw with Brett Brown at the helm. The only time in the Brown-era we saw something even resembling a pick and roll was the Embiid-Redick. The Sixers also came into the first day of practice on a mission it seems.

Tobias Harris said to reporters this week that there is a real vibe in the gym.

“We have to get our respect back. We have something to prove this year. There is a seriousness and a vibe that you can feel when you walk in the door”. 

The Sixers can play the underdog card, similar to the 2017 Eagles. The Sixers were picked by most experts to walk to the finals in the Eastern Conference last season, what did they deliver? They finished as the 6th seed. This type of mentality is new and as it should be.This season is a make-or-break year for the currently constructed Sixers. With Morey in charge, it’s assumed that he would like to see what he has here in Philly before he blows things up. If the Sixers face the same criticisms they faced last season, it would likely signal big moves in the coming months.

As for the 2021 Sixers – it’s a new year with a new coach, new talent, and a new mentality, anything is possible.

Featured Image: Mark J. Terrill/Philadelphia Inquirer
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