People can question Carson Wentz’s play this season, but his commitment to the team should not be doubted.
Wentz has continued to be more than professional over the past three weeks, and yet, the current narrative being driven is that he’s selfish.

On Sunday, just hours before the Eagles’ matchup against the Cardinals, Adam Schefter reported that Wentz was reportedly unhappy about his current situation and would like to be traded if not named starting quarterback next season. Consequently, many talk show hosts and personalities, including former Eagles Seth Joyner, and Brian Westbrook, came down on Wentz for being a poor teammate.

While there are numerous reasons as to why this portrayal is incorrect, Schefter reported the next day that he had not spoken to Wentz or his agent and that his story was merely based on common sense. Therefore, not only did the media unnecessarily bash Wentz, but they attacked him because of a misleading report.

Report: Carson Wentz wants out. Eagles QB should shut up and be a good teammate. |
Photo: Yong Kim/Philadelphia Inquirer

Now, as to why there shouldn’t be apprehension about Wentz as a teammate, the justifications are endless.

Just start in 2016, when he gifted his entire offensive line with shotguns as a rookie.

The following year, despite being on the sidelines after a torn ACL, Wentz continued to coach up his backup, Nick Foles, giving great advice and tips to help him succeed in a Super Bowl win. He did the same the year after, after suffering a season-ending back injury. The following off-season, Wentz was the face of a hot article that painted him as selfish and divisive per an anonymous teammate. Yet, Wentz refused to make a fuss out of it, remaining professional and accountable.

Midway through the 2019 season, another anonymous report came out, via Josina Anderson, criticizing Wentz’s play. Still, Wentz did not fire back, turning the other cheek and leading his team to a division title. Then, after being benched against the Packers this season, Wentz has been everything one could ask for in a backup, coaching Jalen Hurts on the sideline as he once did with Foles and playing different roles in practice.

Just take Hurts’ word for it, who says Wentz has been very supportive. Doug Pederson also praised Wentz for doing a great job on the scout team and being a ‘pro’ about this entire situation. Even on camera shots taken by the NFL on Fox team this past Sunday, Wentz was visibly going through film with Hurts on the bench and was the first person to console him after the loss.

So people can continue to vilify Wentz, but at the end of the day, the only proof they have is based on unhinged, anonymous reports.
Meanwhile, Wentz’s outstanding qualities as a teammate are in sight and evident.

Featured Image: Yong Kim/Philadelphia Inquirer
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