With the holidays in full swing, let’s take some time to reflect on the best holiday of the year; Dallas Week.

A tradition like no other that brings Eagles’ fans together to celebrate (or grieve) twice a year.

Nothing gets the blood flowing like seeing the Midnight Green line up against the foes in Blue and Silver.

In the spirit of sharing, I wanted to highlight my personal top five moments of the rivalry in the last 20 years. Feel free to embrace debate and share your favorite moments.

Since I am in jolly spirits, I wanted to take a second to say some nice things about that team down south. Given this hectic 2020, I could not think of a better year to agree that the Cowboys are “America’s Team”. Ezekiel Elliott’s contract was very wise and will be worth every penny. Their Super Bowl win in 1996 was really cool, I wish I remembered it though. It was very noble and strong of Terrell Owens to cry after a playoff loss to the Giants, defending his teammate, his quarterback, Tony Romo.

In reciprocating team unity, Romo got his popcorn ready, resulting in the fumble and missed extra point in the playoffs against the Seahawks in 2007. Lastly, I can appreciate the Cowboys being thankful for sharing the Thanksgiving spotlight with the Detroit Lions, matching their 4-7 record for the last 11 years.

5) Dallas Does Dallas // Overtaking the Division at the Linc 17-9, 2019

The Cowboys came to town for a Week 16 matchup, pivotal for the NFC East race. As three-point favorites, the Cowboys were licking their chops at a decimated Eagles’ offense. Dallas embarrassed the Eagles in the first matchup of the season 37-10, so the Cowboys had every right to come in feeling confident. Unfortunately for the Boys, Carson Wentz and Dallas Goedert were more confident that day.

Although the 17-9 final score brings PTSD to Eagles’ fans, this time, the score was on our side. The Eagles clinched the division the following week for a third straight playoff appearance.

4) Jerry (Jeff) Garcia Ungrateful Christmas Cover  // Christmas Day Win in Dallas 23-7, 2006

Photo: Matt Slocum/Associated Press

Similar to number 5, the Eagles were heading into week 16, trailing the Cowboys for the division lead. A win would put them in the driver’s seat for a division title and home playoff game. As seven-point underdogs, Jeff Garcia and Brian Westbrook played the Grinch and decidedly defeated the Cowboys 23-7.

The Eagles, again, would clinch the division the following week, making a playoff appearance for the first time since the Super Bowl loss to the New England Patriots.

3) Kyle Orton Could Not “Learn to Fly” // Week 17 Division Clincher in Jerry-World 24-22, 2013

With Romo sidelined with a back injury, Dave Grohl doppelganger Kyle Orton was forced into action for a week 17 division deciding Sunday Night Football matchup. Although the Eagles played the favorite heading into this game, beating Dallas at their house to keep them out of the playoffs still felt great.

Sam Bradford even managed to keep the game interesting late into the fourth quarter, so the win felt that much sweeter.

2) David Akers Takes a Chip Shot // 2018 NFL Draft in Dallas

Coming off an NFL draft in the city of Philadelphia, where former Cowboy Drew Pearson decided to get cute and chirp Eagles nation. Unluckily for Pearson, not only did the Eagles go on their remarkable run to win the Super Bowl that year, the NFL draft the following year was in Dallas. I had a feeling the Eagles would respond, but I never thought it would be as legendary as it turned out to be. David Akers got in front of that Dallas crowd and flexed every muscle possible.

“NFC East Champs! Divisional Champs! NFC Champs! And WORLD CHAMPS! THE WORLD CHAMPS!” Not going to spoil his finishing punch line for those living under a rock, but this is a video I will always stop and watch when it crosses my path.

To top it all off, we selected a tight end that the Cowboys had their eye on with a first name Dallas. Sorry, not sorry.

1) Reid Saw the Silver Lining Playbook // Week 17 Massacre of Dallas to Clinch Division 44-6, 2008

Heading into Sunday morning, the Eagles needed a 13 point underdog Oakland Raiders to defeat the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Houston Texans needed to defeat Chicago in Bears weather and needed to take care of business against the Cowboys. When the first two happened in the 1 pm EST time slot, the Eagles came out energized for their 4:15 EST kickoff. A field goal duel in the first quarter resulted in a tie going into the second quarter, but Donovan McNabb and Brian Dawkins put the pedal to the metal.

Three touchdowns by McNabb and two forced turnovers resulting in touchdowns from Dawkins later, the Eagles sent the Cowboys on vacation 44-6. Although this win did not result in an NFC East title, the utter destruction is why this game is my favorite.

Honorable Mentions, Based on the Moment

Photo: Ron Cortes/Philadelphia Inquirer

DeSean Jackson falls into the end zone for a 91-yard touchdown during a 30-27 win during Week 14 of 2010. The excessive celebration penalty was well worth it.

Jay Ajayi bucks the Cowboys in his second game in an Eagles’ jersey for a 71-yard run during a 37-9 beat down during Week 11 of 2017. Although he was chased down, he proved the draft pick was already worth giving up.

Brian Westbrook commits a fantasy football sin by sliding in the open field to run the clock out during Week 15 of 2007. Although Dallas already had the division and the first-round bye clinched, the Eagles played with a lot of heart, leading to a win over their rival.

Go Birds! Dallas sucks!

Featured Image: Ronald Martinez/Getty Images
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