What has been different in the Sixers’ first couple of games?
Since making the switch from Brett Brown to Doc Rivers there have been many noticeable changes with the 76ers.

Turnovers have been down, big time. It is clear watching the Sixers’ offense in the first three games that this is not the same team we have watched the past couple of years. Whether it be Rivers holding players accountable or the maturity of  Embiid turnovers has not been nearly as big of a talking point this season. As a matter of fact, the Sixers in the opener against the Washington Wizards did not turn the ball over one time in the fourth quarter, something they never did last season. With Simmons being such a good passer, you’re going to take a couple of turnovers if you get the elite court vision of Simmons. What matters is that the supporting cast is protecting the basketball

Everyone on the team has been smarter with the basketball allowing the Sixers to come back against the Wizards and a big win over the Knicks… Let’s not talk about the Cav’s game.

Photo: Bill Streicher/USA Today

Another welcomed upgrade has been the addition of shooting. Daryl Morey made a point to add talent around Simmons and Embiid rather than move them. Shooting has been an issue in recent history, and it is clear that Joel Embiid has benefited from shooters around him scoring 27 and 29 points in the first two games of the season.

For the first time in a long time, it seems as if the Sixers are playing modern basketball.

After the “2019 broad street bullies”, the fit has undeniably been better. 

The main difference with the 2020-2021 Sixers is the attitude. They seem like they want to be there and that’s something we are not used to. The post-process Sixers have been entitled and feel as though they should be given the title, not earn it.The Sixers seem to finally understand that to win a championship you must work for it; that’s coaching.

Time will tell if the 2020-2021 Sixers can actually win anything, but at least they are finally on the right track. 

Featured Image: Bill Streicher/USA Today
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