In the Sixers’ first season under new head coach Doc Rivers, they currently boast a record of 5-1, good enough for the 1st place spot in the Eastern Conference.
While 6 games aren’t the best sample size, the Sixers have already displayed the ability to overcome things they struggled with in years prior under the previous Head Coach Brett Brown.

The hiring of Daryl Morey as the new President of Basketball Operations this past offseason somewhat outshined the hiring of Doc Rivers, and while Morey brought a lot of help to this Sixers team in providing shooters for stars Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid to work with, it seems the hiring of Doc Rivers (or perhaps just the firing of Brett Brown) was enough to severely help this team. 

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The Sixers’ latest win was in a Saturday night matchup against the Charlotte Hornets, where they outscored the Hornets by a score of 127-112. The Sixers were playing great in the first half, only to step off the gas and falter in the third quarter. Though the Hornets were gaining ground and it became a pretty close game, Doc Rivers decided to spend a few timeouts to speak to his team and attempt to get them back on track.

Sure enough, whatever Rivers preached to his team caused them to bounce back for a much better fourth quarter.

“They tried to go zone in the first half, and we scored a ton of points,” Doc Rivers said post-game. “One thing they did do that I thought gave us problems in the second was they pressed us a little bit, and we didn’t handle it as well as we should have.”

In years prior, under the previous head coach Brett Brown, a third-quarter collapse like this would inevitably lead to adding a tally to the loss column. Many Sixers fans will tell you one of their biggest issues with Brown was that he lacked the ability to change his gameplan and correct any mistakes that needed to be fixed in order for their team to secure a win, often leading to a large number of fans calling for his job after. However, since the firing of Brown this past offseason, Sixers fans have been extremely happy with the change to Doc Rivers.

With an experienced Doc Rivers at the helm, the Sixers will benefit from his ability to regather his players and make the necessary adjustments to help his team earn a win.

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