Seth Curry missed the 76ers’ most recent game against the Brooklyn Nets due to an ankle injury and will now miss even more time after testing positive for COVID-19.

The Sixers lost that game against the Nets, in embarrassing fashion, I might add. The Nets were without their two best players in Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving and still managed to handily beat the Sixers in one of their few nationally televised games this season.As the Sixers begin contact tracing to see what other players and staff members might have been exposed to the virus by Curry, they are also faced with the problem of how to adjust to life without their top shooter for at least the next couple of weeks.

In the Sixers’ loss to the Nets, it was obvious what they lacked without Curry on the floor.

That being the extra spacing he provides by making his defender stick to him due to the threat he is from the perimeter, and more obviously, his shooting efficiency itself.

The Sixers found themselves trailing the Nets early, and while they would usually rely on efficient scoring to close the gap, the Sixers couldn’t seem to make their threes consistently at all. Though they had enough above-average three-point shooters playing in Danny Green, Shake Milton, and others, they couldn’t seem to get a shot to fall when they most needed it. This is where they missed Curry the most, as he is one of the best three-point shooters in the game and is highly efficient, just what the Sixers needed when trailing by 5 or so points, a scenario they found themselves in a bit too often.Also, Curry’s ability to shoot at a high rate from the perimeter played a major role in spacing out the floor for the Sixers and keeping defenders close to their men. Without this extra bit of spacing, the Sixers greatly struggled and committed far too many turnovers to win, even against this depleted Nets team. The Sixers’ big three of Joel Embiid, Ben Simmons, and Tobias Harris combined for 14 turnovers to just 9 assists. Without Curry set to return for the next few games, the Sixers need to find a new way to create the necessary spacing.

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The Sixers will likely first look to the other shooters on their team and hope that one takes a big step in the right direction. However, with Furkan Korkmaz also out with injury, the Sixers don’t have shooters in as much of an abundance as they’d wish.

Shake Milton’s minutes will likely increase due to the loss of Curry, and rightfully so as the former second-round pick has taken a major step up lately and has become a real shooting threat, but the Sixers will also have to look to the pair of rookies Tyrese Maxey and Isaiah Joe to assist with spacing out the floor by shooting threes at high efficiency. 

Unless Doc Rivers can scheme up some space for the Sixers on the offensive end, they will likely have to turn to some unproven youngsters on their rosters to make up for some of the shooting abilities they’ve lost with Seth Curry being out.

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