Home team advantage – We know the phrase, we see it in sports all over the world.

Just how important is it though? Can it actually make or break a game?

For the Sixers, I believe the answer is yes.

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The energy of the Wells Fargo Center during a Sixers game is unmatched and this team truly feeds off of that. You can see it from the second the players step onto the court and there is nothing quite like a packed arena in Philadelphia. A full season without fans at home completely gets rid of any home-court advantage, especially for a team that thrives on the atmosphere and their fan base. 

The first game that the Sixers played in front of a substantial amount of fans (since Covid ravaged the world of sports last March) was New Year’s Eve in Orlando. Although capacity wasn’t anywhere near 100%, and they certainly weren’t home, the arena was full of Philly faithful and the boys were on fire. Coming out on top 116-92, it was one of the best games the Sixers have played in the past year. A coincidence that they had fans to play for? I don’t think so.

Just how good are the Sixers at home, playing in front of a packed crowd?

Last year, shortly before the NBA was paused, the 76ers were 28-2 (.933) when playing in Philly, and on the contrary,  only 9-22 (.290) on the road. It’s safe to say that although this team is one of the most talented in the league, the lack of fans may play a large role in their success this season.

While the 76ers will play multiple games in front of actual spectators this season, it doesn’t appear that any of those games will occur at home. The Philadelphia 76ers organization has still yet to announce any formal plans regarding in-person attendance this year.

It will be interesting to see if the teams who are able to play in front of their hometown crowds excel this season, or if it has any effect on them at all.
After all, not every city has the same energy as Philadelphia.

Featured Image: NBAE/Getty Images
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