Although the season has been over for almost two weeks now, the Eagles keep finding themselves on the wrong side of the headline.
Between the backlash surrounding the loss to Washington, the barrage of sources citing constant management differences leading to Doug Pederson’s firing, and the Carson Wentz saga, it is tough to see the light at the end of the tunnel for this team.

Although they continue to hurt our feelings and pride, they can no longer hurt our wallets. Sports gamblers (responsibility, of course), you know what I’m talking about. Another negative headline people are not talking about was the Eagles’ inability to win gamblers’ money. Remember back in April/May when sportsbooks thought Eagles would land somewhere around 9.5 wins? Those were the days. While Vegas may have been on to something with the .5 win (Week 3 tie against the Cincinnati Bengals), unfortunately, nothing else held up. 

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In direct correlation to the season record of 4-11-1, money line bets on the Eagles did not return positive funds. A $100 bet on the Eagles to win each week during the sixteen-game season, would have resulted in a loss of $530.  The only “savior” to this bet were victories over the San Francisco 49ers and New Orleans Saints, in which the Eagles were heavy underdogs. The wins over the New York Giants and Dallas Cowboys in weeks 7 and 8, respectively, did not have a high rate of return, as the Eagles were favorites going into those matchups.  

As the saying goes, “Good teams win, great teams cover.” The Eagles managed to do neither.

The Eagles finished with a 6-10 record against the spread, which was second to the last place, behind none other than the Cowboys. The Eagles should have beentied for the worst record at 5-11 if it were not for an all-time bad beat for Seattle Seahawk bettors when Coach Pederson obviously had Eagles -6.5 during the Week 12 loss on Monday Night Football.Down 23-15 after scoring a touchdown with twelve seconds left in the game, Pederson elected to hand the ball to Miles Sanders for a two-yard, two-point conversion, resulting in the final score being 23-17, backdoor covering the 6.5 spread.

Thankfully I was on the lucky side of history that night. 

“Life’s too short to bet the under,” a gambling phrase coined by Dan “Big Cat” Katz at Barstool Sports is a gambling philosophy I like to live by. No free ads, but the video below explains this mindset perfectly. The general idea is that if you bet the under, you want fewer points, so the game has a chance to be less exciting. If you bet the over, you hope every game turns into a Big 12 shootout.Although my Big 10 football roots go completely against this, betting the over is just more fun.

Unfortunately, the Eagles did not make it fun. Now, this is obviously a spot where the Eagles could have won you money, depending on where you sat with the over/under each week.  

Historically, the under has a slightly higher winning percentage in the NFL (50% vs. 49% since over/under inception), but with the constantly evolving NFL and rules to favor the offense, it is hard not to take the over.The current trend through Super Wild Card Weekend is leaning towards the over at a 50% vs 49% rate, but it tells you sportsbooks are pretty good at setting the line. The Eagles managed to not only resort to historical trends but performed even worse. At a record of 7-9 against the over, only 44% of Eagles games reached the over. Any overtime score against the Bengals would have resulted in the over hitting. Jake Elliott not missing a field goal attempt in Week 7 against the Giants would have resulted in the over hitting. The Eagles were two plays away from being 9-7on the overs. We have covered money line, against the spread, and over/under bets, leading us to the last popular style of bets, props. Spoiler: Eagles did poorly in these as well.Similar to over/under bets, these could have won money depending on which side you chose. For the sake of Eagles’ fans, I typically use prop bets to set expectations for the season and always hope they go over. Of the top fifteen most common prop bets for the Eagles’ season, the only one to exceed expectations? Carson Wentz’s fifteen interceptions to the expected ten. Woof.

The majority of other offensive bets were not even close and defensive props pushed or went under. 

Player Statistic Prop Actual 
Carson Wentz Touchdowns 

Passing Yards 





Miles Sanders Rushing Yards 






Zach Ertz Receptions 






Dallas Goedert Receiving Yards 






Fletcher Cox Sacks 6.5 6.5 
Brandon Graham Sacks  8 
Darius Slay Interceptions 2.5 1 

I acknowledge all of these “losing” bets have a winning side as well, and I promise I’m not just a crappy gambler. This is from the standpoint of an all-in Eagles gambler and the trend of the season. Had you taken money line for whoever the Eagles were playing on a weekly basis, you would be $411 richer but still would have had to endure this season.You could have taken the under on the prop bets above but would have meant you were rooting for less production, potentially leading to more losses. I don’t like betting against the Eagles, but this season allowed me to leverage some of my happiness when a loss seemed certain (Shoutout Packers -8).

Here’s to hoping our 2021 bets and Eagles are in the green this time next year. Go Birds!

If you have a gambling problem, please seek help and call 1 (800) GAMBLER. 

Featured Image: Baishampayan Ghose/Flickr
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