It’s obvious that the time is now for the hometown Sixers, the team is primed for a deep playoff run barring any unforeseen circumstances. 

After multiple upgrades this off-season in the form of Seth Curry and Danny Green, it’s clear that the Sixers group of players mesh more than in previous years. Curry and Green’s services have been a welcomed sight from Sixers fans after good 3 point shooting has been few and far between in years past. 

After nearly completing a trade for the newest Brooklyn Net, James Harden in exchange for Ben Simmons, Tyrese Maxey, and picks, the Sixers still seem to be a little bit short. The question now lies, what will Daryl Morey and company do to upgrade their team, and how big will the move be?

Morey stated prior to the season that he wanted to see what he had with his two young stars Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons before making any drastic decisions. Joel Embiid, when he has played, has looked like a perennial MVP candidate and is clearly in the prime of his career. Simmons on the other hand looks to have stayed just about the same since he has come into the league.

So, what’s next for the Sixers?

The obvious answer is 27-year old Bradley Beal from the Washington Wizards. The Wizards former 3rd overall pick, recently dropped 60 points against the Sixers and is averaging almost 35 points per game this season. Beal is also clearly at the peak of his career and would pair nicely with an Embiid-level player.

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The issue with Beal is the compensation Washington would require in exchange for giving up Beal’s services. The deal would likely exceed the James Harden deal given Beal’s age and the fact that Washington has a lot more leverage than Houston did with Harden

There is no indication that Beal is even available according to reports, but no one is ever untouchable.

Would Morey and the Sixers give the Wizards enough to move the “untouchable” Beal?

The Sixers still don’t seem to be sold on the idea of Embiid and Simmons giving them the best chance of winning since Simmons was reportedly notified by his agent that he was involved in the Harden deal. 

Optimizing Joel Embiid’s prime should be the Sixers’ number one priority for this season and this upcoming off-season. 

Daryl Morey and Elton Brand seem to be in control of the operation and will do whatever they believe gives the Sixers the best chance of winning.
It’s hard to say the answer to that question isn’t Bradley Beal.  

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