With the recent news of James Harden being traded to the Brooklyn Nets, the term “super-team” has begun to reemerge with the Nets now being the odds on favorite to win the East.


With this new super-team, as well as the continued prominence of the Milwaukee Bucks in the East, many are questioning if the Sixers can legitimately challenge for the Eastern Conference Championship. Today we’ll take a look at the biggest keys for the Sixers to win the Eastern Conference.



Preach Defense


In previous article on the website, we’ve discussed how incredible the Sixers are defensively. They are still number on in the league in blocks, top ten in steals, and are in the upper half of the league in opponent points per game as well as opponent turnovers per game. With so many teams focused on total offensive domination, where the Sixers can prosper is on the defensive end. Creating opportunities off of misses and turnovers can translate to points on the other end. Therefore, just forcing teams into uncomfortable situations with the ball offensively will translate to prolonged success for the Sixers.



Maintaining a Top 3-4 Seed


We are a long way from the playoffs. However, it is never too early to begin talking about them. If the Sixers can maintain a top three or four seed in the playoff seeding, that can benefit us tremendously. Firstly, the Sixers are an elite home team. In a season where home court advantage is somewhat nonexistent, the Sixers are still managing to be one of the best teams at defending their home court. Also, the likelihood of facing the upper echelon teams such as the Bucks or the Nets in the first round would be highly unlikely. If the early season has taught us anything thus far, it is that both of those teams are in “win now” mode and will do everything they can to get the one and two seeds. If the Sixers can avoid them in the first round and maybe even take one of those top two spots away from them, that could be crucial for making a deep run into the playoffs.



Be Active at the Trade Deadline


A somewhat controversial one to end on. This Sixers team when at full strength has been great. We have been of the best teams in the entire NBA, let alone the East. However, great teams are never content with their current rosters. Whether it is simply gaining some bench depth or targeting big stars who could potentially be on the move from non-playoff teams, the Sixers cannot be complacent. If the Sixers can keep their core of Ben Simmons, Joel Embiid, and Tobias Harris, as well as vital young stars like Tyrese Maxey, and Shake Milton intact, then making moves should not be something the Sixers are afraid of.



The season is still very young. But the groundwork for the playoffs is already taking shape. If the Sixers can continue to dominate the regular season when full healthy as well as potentially add another piece, the future will be bright for this team.



What do you think are the Sixers’ keys to winning the East?




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