When Andy Reid and the Chiefs raised the Lombardi Trophy last season in Miami after defeating the San Fransisco 49ers, there was a huge celebration in KC, winning their first Super Bowl in over 50 years but off in the distance there was a small celebration in Philly. Andy had finally done it, he was a Super Bowl champion coach. Most, not all, of Philadelphia Eagles’ fans were happy for Coach Reid and excited that his coaching career was now validated, he got the monkey off his back and he officially became a lock for the Hall of Fame. From the outside, it may have seemed odd that Philadelphia was so excited for a former coach to win the Super Bowl for another team especially when WIP had an Andy Reid Day to celebrate the long time Eagles coach getting to raise the Lombardi Trophy. But it was clear that Eagles fans appreciated everything that Andy Reid did for this city, even though his teams couldn’t achieve the ultimate goal, his tenure was very successful. Plus, the Eagles beat him to it. Having already won a Super Bowl, it was very easy to be happy for Reid, he didn’t beat the Birds to the top of the mountain he was just meeting them there.

This year is a different story. The Eagles had a mess of a 2020 season, they fired their coach, have a quarterback controversy, have a GM and owner that are too controlling, and have entered what Jeffrey Lurie called multiple times “a retool.” Meanwhile, the Chiefs are right back in the Super Bowl, heading to Tampa Bay to take on Tom Brady and the Bucs. So how should we as, Eagles fans feel this year about Andy Reid’s success? Should we be cheering for him in the Super Bowl again? Are we annoyed that this is happening in Kansas City when it never happened here? Or are we still happy for Andy and love seeing the big man be successful? It is definitely a different decision than last year and the majority will most likely not be on Reid’s side.

When looking at the Chiefs, they have a possibility (if not a probability) of becoming a Patriot-like dynasty. The Chiefs have the best quarterback in the league, arguably the best skill position group in the league, a great offensive line with depth, and a defense that gets after the quarterback and creates turnovers in the back end. This team is loaded and it all starts at the quarterback position. In his last 25 starts, Patrick Mahomes is 24-1, his only loss coming this season to the Raiders and the Chiefs avenged that loss later in the season. With Mahomes locked up for 10 years (!!), Andy Reid has the potential to win way more than just the one Super Bowl.


This is what is frustrating as an Eagles fan. Yes, it was easy to be happy for Reid last year when he tied the Eagles with one Super Bowl title, but he has the potential (and honestly, it would be surprising if he didn’t) to blow the Eagles out of the water by winning multiple Super Bowls in the next few years. Andy Reid is a great guy and will be beloved in Philly forever, but it is tougher to be as happy for him this time around. Eagles fans are left thinking what if and why. What if Reid had been able to win one here in the early 2000s, why couldn’t he get over the hump here, why couldn’t he find what he found with Mahomes here or get that production out of McNabb, why did the Eagles have to be the place he learned his lessons that ultimately got him to the top somewhere else?? It is becoming very frustrating to see Andy Reid’s success. However, the main frustration is that the Eagles are bad, no way around it, this year was terrible and the future looks a lot bleaker in Philly than for Andy in KC.

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With all that being said, this Super Bowl Eagles’ fans will be on both sides. Some will still pull for Reid, some just won’t be able to pull for Brady so they will back the Chiefs. Others won’t be able to bring themselves to pull for Reid again and will back the Bucs. While this year isn’t as clear cut as last year, I have a feeling we are going to be seeing Andy in the Super Bowl a few more times before he hangs up the whistle, and each time it could get more and more frustrating for Eagles’ fans.

Good luck Big Red! For now, I’m still cheering for you to get it done, have that big smile on the podium, and enjoy that celebratory double cheeseburger. But I will be wondering all game, what if and why not here…


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