Recent reports from Shams Charania suggest that the New Orleans Pelicans have three teams in mind for a potential JJ Redick trade. Philadelphia is one of the three interested teams listed, but should they be pursuing a reunion with Redick?

JJ Redick is having a rough start to his season to say the least. For those who haven’t been keeping tabs with the former Sixer, he has been coming off the bench for Stan Van Gundy this season. The results for the veteran sharpshooter have been underwhelming. 16 games into the season, he’s averaging 7.9 points per game while shooting under 30% from three. That’s very unlike JJ Redick as we all know. It has become pretty clear that Redick is just not a fit on this young Pelicans team and that he needs a change of scenery.

Having already seen what JJ Redick with the Sixers looks like and knowing his chemistry with Joel Embiid, does it make sense for Daryl Morey to push for a Redick trade? A trade like this is really going to depend on how much the Pelicans will ask in return. Redick is on the last year of a 2 year deal he signed in 2019, being owed just over 13 million this season. Because it’s an expiring deal and he’s been off to a rough shooting start to the season, the price shouldn’t be all that high. It seems highly likely that it’ll come down to which of the 76ers, Nets, or Celtics are willing to include either more or higher quality picks.

One of the biggest differences between this season and last is that Joel Embiid is happy again. Last season was the most unhappy we’ve ever seen him on the floor. We all know how special the connection between Redick and Embiid was, especially with the two-man dribble handoff action. Joel has publicly discussed how hard it was for him to play without Redick last year. Daryl Morey has done an excellent job in finding shooters to fill similar roles that Redick did from 2017-19. He may not yet be satisfied with the shooting on the roster despite its clear improvement from a year ago. Bringing Redick back would surely be a move predicated on keeping our MVP at his happiest. There can never be too much shooting on the floor, and if the price is right, there really is no harm in bring JJ Redick back to Philadelphia.

Any move that brings Joel Embiid joy is a good move, especially this season. He’s clearly taken a leap forward and his voice needs to be heard by the front office in some situations. Bringing back someone like JJ Redick could be a small cost that provides more value than just the veteran shooting that we know he’s capable of. If the Nets and Celtics don’t outbid the Sixers and overpay for Redick, a reunion in Philadelphia could be beneficial for both sides.

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