The Sixers reportedly had a package headlined by Ben Simmons ready to ship to Houston for James Harden.
Here we are a month later, the Nets have their big three in Kyrie Irving, Kevin Durant, and now James Harden, and the Sixers still employ Ben Simmons.

The team’s 124-108 victory over the Brooklyn Nets on Saturday night was another instance of why the team made the correct choice not moving Ben Simmons for James Harden.

Not only did the Sixers struggle mightily against the short-handed Portland Trail Blazers without Simmons, but last night, the Sixers went on a 14-0 run once the Sixers put their best defender on Harden.

Ben Simmons hasn’t necessarily been everything we have hoped for coming into the season, he has had trouble from a scoring perspective and still hasn’t shot as much as we Sixers fans would hope. One thing is certain, Simmons is still an unbelievable defender. The Sixers were right to choose the promise of Ben Simmons over the veteran Harden.

With Joel Embiid seemingly able to score 30+ points on any given night and Tobias Harris finally coming into form, it seems like Ben Simmons tends to disappear in the offense, making it extremely frustrating to read his stat line.

This has been said before and needs to be repeated; if Simmons can develop a jump shot, the Sixers will have two unguardable players.

Simmons has time and a lot of it as he is still only 24 years old.

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With that being said, Simmons has scored more effectively in the last week or two, which is all the Sixers need. The team no longer needs Ben Simmons to be a major scorer like previous years. Simmons shows so much promise, and he is 9 years younger than James Harden, the Sixers’ front office was right to hold on to him. Joel Embiid has indeed entered his prime and took his game to another level, and it will soon be Simmons’ turn.

In the short term, would it be interesting to see what an offense with Joel Embiid’s 2021 performance and James Harden? Sure. They already sit at the top of the Eastern Conference and look like the best team in the conference. It would have been easy for Daryl Morey to come in and bring his guy (Harden) with him to take a shot at the Finals this year.

The decision to hold onto Ben Simmons will only benefit the Sixers in the long term.
James Harden will likely fall off in the coming years as Simmons will get stronger.

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