Patty Mills would be a great fit for the Sixers. At 32 years old Patty is showing no signs of slowing down scoring a career high 13 points per game, hitting 40% from 3 (career 39%) from 6.5 attempts per game in just over 25 minutes.

He has long been one of the great 6th men in the league. Adding Mills off the bench would provide some much needed leadership to the 2nd unit and would improve the team whilst keeping the unbeaten starting unit intact (through 14 games played together).

Having a reliable veteran leader who can handle the ball at a high level and hit threes off the bench would be a serious boost to the Sixers championship hopes. He’s a high character, great locker room guy. He’s out of contract come years end and currently earning an affordable 13.5 million.

There was some talk in the off-season of a potential trade to Philly for Patty. Hopefully he’s keen to jump on board with a contender and help the Sixers try to win a championship for the next few years. This would also allow Tyrese Maxey to continue to grow and develop as an understudy for Mills, without relying on him for playoff minutes this early on in his career. Veteran leadership will be critical for the Sixers championship hopes, particular given their two all-stars are still relatively young.

There’s no secret that Greg Popovic loves Patty. He’s the only player remaining from their championship team. It may be hard to prise him away, but perhaps the Sixers could convince the Spurs to let him go for a crack at another championship.

Hopefully second rounders would get the deal done. However if the Spurs hold out on wanting a first for him and the Sixers get an indication he would be likely to re-sign, giving up a 2021 first (looking likely in the 25 to 30 range) with salary fillers like Terrance Ferguson and Tony Bradley could work out to be a solid deal for both parties.

Mills is arguably the second best Australian player of all time. Having him team up with the G.O.A.T. Australian and this Sixers team could be a match made in heaven.

Photo: Reginald Thomas II/San Antonio Spurs/New York Times

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