With the Royal Rumble in the rearview mirror, it is now officially WrestleMania season. That is right; I’m talking about the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE).
WHAT? The WWE takes their show to a different location each year to hold this grand event.

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Leading up, wrestlers are vying for a position to be in the main event card for the Showcase of the Immortals. Some wrestlers are aggressively trying to push their way to the top, while others are content and sit back to soak in the atmosphere. There will be upsets, booing and cheering, disappointment, and guaranteed a couple of jaw-dropping moments. It is always said that this is a career-altering night for anyone participating.

Actually, I am referencing the NFL Draft. It doesn’t matter what your name is; this is an exciting night for all involved. Teams are working for a better draft position, while others are content with the pieces around them to still have a successful night.

This year, in Cleveland, Ohio, there will be some franchise-altering draft picks that will jumpstart a young player’s NFL career. Fans will groan and rejoice with each pick; let’s hope it is not Eagles fans who are left groaning.

In the lead-up to the draft, the Eagles are working to make sure they can get a piece of the main event. However, with Howie Roseman at the helm, the Eagles’ “WrestleMania moment” may be ruined.

A popular term in the wrestling world, botched, is referred to as when things do not go according to plan due to mistake or error in judgment. It is safe to say Roseman has entirely botched this Carson Wentz situation. Not only does Wentz not want to be in Philadelphia anymore, trade compensation is not where Roseman expected it to be.

As I mentioned last week, the Eagles are on the Rams side of the trade, rather than two first-round picks Detroit received. If ya smell what the Howie is smoking, maybe there will be two first-round picks coming our way.

The Indianapolis Colts, Chicago Bears, and a mystery team (probably CFL or XFL team) remain interested but are not giving in to the Eagles’ request.

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Adam Schefter had his glass-shattering tweet of Wentz to be traded in the “coming days,” but it’s a new day, yes it is. Almost a week later, and it seems we are further away from this trade taking place than expected, which I do not think bodes well for the Eagles. As the draft approaches, the Eagles become more and more desperate to make a move. Whatcha gonna do, brother, when Wentzlemania runs wild on you? Hopefully, not make a rushed, bad trade.

Speaking of bad trade, which thankfully does not seem to have much traction anymore, the Nick Foles trade would have been the biggest mistake since… well, keeping Roseman. The extra draft pick would have been great, but the rumored Tarik Cohen involvement was concerning. Cohen is coming off a torn ACL which the return is always a wildcard, especially for a guy who utilizes his speed and shiftiness as a major facet of his game. However, I will always say YES! YES! YES!

Having Foles back in the building, doing so as part of trade now, is the ultimate middle finger to Wentz. Fans are already fed up with management. This trade would not go over well with the majority of the fan base. So again, very glad these rumblings have simmered.

With teams growing impatient, it is more likely than not that Roseman pulls the trigger on something before teams withdraw.

I think Roseman should remain patient himself, as the franchise’s future is hanging in the balance.
And if you’re not down with that, I got two words for ya; Go Birds!

Featured Image: Triple H/WWE
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