After about a third of the way through the season, the Sixers’ Achilles heel has revealed itself, and it’s one we all know too well: the three-point shot.
Unlike years in the past, it is not an issue of the Sixers not having enough three-point shooters. It is an issue of the Sixers simply not shooting them.

When you look at the team’s shooting percentage from three, you will find the Sixers coming in at 17th with a modest 35.9%. Daryl Morey did a fantastic job at filling out the roster with shooters. Seth Curry, Danny Green, and the resurgence of Tobias Harris give the Sixers three weapons from beyond the arc in their starting lineup.

The ingredients are there for the Sixers to thrive from three. The issue lies in the fact that they do not shoot enough of them.

Going into 2/15’s game against the Utah Jazz, the Sixers currently sit at 28th in the league in three-point attempts per game at 29.1.

Given how the league is evolving, they need to shoot more to compete with teams who get hot beyond the arc.

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Taking a look at their past three losses, you’ll see a common theme. The Suns went 10/25 from three, and the Sixers went 7/17. In the first game between the two teams, the Blazers shot 13/31 from three, and the Sixers went 7/27. The second game saw the Blazers make 17/38 and the Sixers go 6/27. I understand teams will not shoot as well as the Blazers did in that second game. However, the Sixers consistently losing the three-point battle is going to come back to bite them.

The silver lining to this situation is that the shots the Sixers take from three are good looks.

Embiid has been making wonderful decisions when passing out of the double team. Ben Simmons possesses a gravity that causes defenses to crash in on him resulting in open shots. However, they somehow need to find a way to create more opportunities from three.

Have the Sixers won games while shooting fewer threes than the other team? Yes, they have. Doc Rivers has a system in place, and it is working. Championship teams are always under the microscope. With that comes the magnification of problems that lie beneath the surface.

Creating more opportunities from beyond the arc will raise this team’s ceiling.
For a team with championship aspirations, those adjustments are necessary.

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Featured Image: Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE/Getty
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