Despite team and player indicating they don’t want a trade, Bradley Beal is still the hottest name in and around the trade market.
With Beal under contract until the end of the 2021/22 season, it may not happen right now, but with how bad the Wizards have been post-Westbrook trade (8-17 record), a trade seems inevitable.

Given his ease of fit on almost every team, the PPG leader will demand a king’s ransom in return. The Sixers could throw Ben Simmons into a trade offer, as they reportedly did for James Harden. However, the Sixers have been terrible without Simmons.

Since Ben played his first game, the Sixers have gone 10-17 when he doesn’t play. When Ben is on the court the Sixers have won 63% of their games.

There are ways the Sixers can keep Ben and Joel and potentially add the guy who’s leading the league in scoring.

Scenario 1

Matisse and Maxey are brilliant. But are also flawed and it’s debatable whether they’ll provide value this postseason, given their current limitations. This trade gives you potentially the best top six in the NBA – Embiid, Beal, Simmons, Harris, Seth Curry, Milton. Even without possible bench improvements this still gives you Dwight, Scott, Furkan, Joe as your 7th-11th men to play minimal playoff minutes where required.

All of these top 6 players are signed for multiple years, which should make the Sixers one of the title favorites for at least 2 years. 2-3 pick swaps would probably need to be included. If the Wizards are willing to make this deal, the Sixers pull the trigger, no question.

Scenario 2

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This is a deal the Wizards could be interested in if they want to remain competitive whilst re-building and developing young talent. This again gives the Sixers a strong six-man unit with Embiid, Beal, Simmons, Seth Curry, Danny Green, and Shake. Whilst Tobias Harris is a significant loss, bringing Beal in over him is a no-brainer and getting off his contract gives them a huge amount of flexibility to make further moves.

Ish Smith is purely in this deal to make the money work and help convince the Wizards to do this deal – his contract is a clear negative value right now. Again pick swaps would be included to help get it done.

Scenario 3

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There’s a chance the Sixers are outbid by teams in a position to give up better and more established young talent and/or more attractive draft capital. If this is the case the Sixers could throw in Shake Milton, however with his precious production off the bench and unreal contract, this may be one asset too far for the Sixers.

Alternatively, as above you could swap Matisse for Shake if it means it gets Bradley Beal in the door.

Scenario 4

According to Woj, it seems the more likely scenario is Beal is not traded until the off-season or into next season. If this is the case, the Sixers will have more picks available. Due to the ‘Stepien rule’ the Sixers can only trade two first-rounders currently.

If Beal doesn’t reach the trade market until next season, it allows the Sixers to trade three first-rounders, which could be needed to get it done with Maxey and Thybulle.

In recent years the most comparable level player to Bradley Beal traded is probably Anthony Davis. Looking at the Davis deal gives us an idea of what it will take to get it done;

AD’s value was slightly higher, given he is one of the better defenders in the NBA. Even so it’s clear Sixers will have to give up a significant haul to get this done.

The question that could be the deciding factor is, who does Beal nominate as his preferred team?

There’s a reason why super-star players who request trades usually get traded to the team of their choice, and it’s not because front office’s do it out of the kindness of their hearts. If a player wants to go to a team, he is more likely to re-sign there, therefore that team can often justify giving up the most for that player. If you’re the Sixers you don’t get to scenarios 3 and 4 if there’s a good chance Beal re-signs elsewhere.

The sales pitch to Bradley Beal needs to start now!

Featured Image: Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE/Getty Images


  1. Vincent Gaskins

    February 18, 2021 at 5:50 PM

    You’re an idiot

    • Liam Mott

      February 18, 2021 at 10:46 PM

      And you’re a good bloke

  2. Michael Pennant

    February 17, 2021 at 4:00 PM

    I like scenario 3 best, but the Wizards adding in a big also.

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