December 2020 wasn’t about holidays and New Year parties for basketball fans; it was all about the latest NBA season that was finally launched after battling the coronavirus restrictions.
The latest NBA season is looking quite promising, and players are fired up to show what they have in store after a long break.

Despite the decrease in coronavirus cases, the NBA has left no stone unturned to ensure a safe environment for players and everyone involved in the competition. Strict guidelines have been put in place, and everyone is expected to follow them without any negligence.

Last year LA Lakers came out on top as they defeated Miami heat convincingly in the finals. Lakers also became only the second team two clinch 17 NBA titles as they tied with Boston Celtics for the most season wins. Whether the Lakers will defend their championship or someone else will come out on top is hard to say. However, there are a few teams that are looking stronger than others.

In this article, I have mentioned a few teams that you need to keep your eye on in the current NBA season.

Philadelphia 76ers

Let’s talk about a team that used to be the NBA’s sweetheart but hasn’t done quite well in the past few years. Philadelphia 76ers is a team that can be deadly on its day. This year the team combination for 76ers is looking quite good. With Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons’s addition, the shooting department has gained some strength, and their team is looking strong on paper.

We can’t say whether the Philadelphia 76ers will become the NBA’s sweetheart once again or not, but their team is looking solid this year. You can also check the 76ers roster if you want to learn about all the players who will be representing Philadelphia this year.

Dallas Mavericks

Last year Dallas Mavericks managed to make it to the postseason round but were bested by LA Clippers. However, they are looking well prepared for this season as one of the latest players they have brought on board is the sparkling young talent Luka Doncic.

The Dallas Mavericks are looking for one of the best defensive teams in the tournament and will certainly give their opposition a run for their money. They may not have progressed far in the last season, but you need to watch out for them this year.

Brooklyn Nets

Brooklyn Nets had a disappointing season last year as they failed to win a single game in the postseason contest. However, this defeat in the previous season might actually work for the Nets because they are coming back stronger than ever. The team’s spirits are high, and they are looking to make some buzz this year.

Players like Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant certainly make the team stronger, and we will be seeing some great basketball display from them.

NBA fans need to keep a close eye on the Brooklyn Nets because they are going to be causing some serious upsets in this tournament.

Los Angeles Lakers

Photo: ClutchPoints

The defending NBA champions are a team that you simply cannot underestimate. The LA Lakers is not only one of the top teams in this year’s competition, but they are also among the greatest NBA teams of all time.

With 17 titles in the bag, LA Lakers are aiming to break the world record this year by bringing home the 18th NBA trophy. If the Lakers managed to achieve that, they would be the first team to reach the milestone, and it will be hard to argue that they aren’t the greatest NBA of all time.

They have some of the top players in the world, including the legendary LeBron James.

Featured Image: ClutchPoints
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