With the trade deadline about a month away, 76ers President of Basketball Operations Daryl Morey is undoubtedly evaluating each player’s value on his roster.

I’ve previously written an article covering this topic, which you can see here.

In this article, however, I will cover the values of two players, particularly Matisse Thybulle vs Tyrese Maxey.

The reason I single out these two young talents is that just that, they’re young, and they are talented, two traits every team will be looking to acquire when they trade away either a big name looking for a new team or a veteran that can contribute to a contending team. The Sixers figure to be active participants in the NBA flash sale that is the trade deadline, especially with Daryl Morey at the helm. Currently holding the best record in the Eastern Conference, many would figure they are satisfied with their roster. However, it’s more and more evident every game that the Sixers need another playmaker, someone to help take the load off of Joel Embiid during his MVP campaign.

If the Sixers really want to compete at the deadline for some high-profile players, they will likely be forced to deal away at least one of Tyrese Maxey and Matisse Thybulle; the question is which?

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Tyrese Maxey is far away from the two’s better scorer, earning a role in the Sixers’ 2nd lineup as the main ball handler. During an impressive rookie year so far, he’s already posted a 39-point game (Jan 09, 2021, vs Denver) along with multiple other performances that have gained national attention. Maxey uses his quick burst and agility to get to the bucket and will and is a surprisingly good finisher for his small frame. If Maxey can add a few go-to moves to his game, such as the floater he’s been frequently utilizing as of late, he could be a real piece of the Sixers’ future as one of their primary ball handlers.

Matisse Thybulle, on the other hand, could not be more of the opposite, as he thrives on the defensive end and, in his first two years, has already cemented his name amongst the game’s top young defenders. While Maxey’s defense is not a liability, it is nowhere near Thybulle’s, which allows him to get many more minutes than Maxey as he is often tasked with shutting down the opponent’s top player and also is given many late-game minutes as his defense is a valuable asset in the clutch.

His inability almost equally brings him down on the offensive end for all his advantage on offense. Thybulle’s best role is as a catch and shoot/slasher wing with virtually no go-to moves, something he doesn’t even thrive at anyway. However, if Thybulle could develop even the most average offensive game, we could soar to one of the top young talents in the league, as his aggressive defense can stop nearly anyone.

Previously (In my “roster trade value” article), I held the belief that Maxey held more value because of his offensive skill set that I doubted Thybulle could develop, but after more thought, I have changed my mind. While Maxey may be flashier and popular around the league, I think the Sixers should be wary of trading away Thybulle in his stead. Thybulle has much more potential if he can develop an offensive game and can also contribute more now to a competing team like the Sixers that will value his defensive prowess come playoff time.

I want to keep ’em both, but trade Maxey before you trade Thybulle.

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