The NBA All-Star break is fast approaching and, as of the time of writing, the Sixers will be playing two more games before the break.


This break will be much needed for all NBA teams as the first half of the season has been condensed enough, let alone the remainder of the season. With the only real time off any players will see this season, here are the two biggest things the Sixers will need to focus on during the All-Star break.





This very predictable entry does in fact reign true for the number one team in the Eastern Conference. The Sixers are currently without Tobias Harris due to a knee injury and will likely be resting Joel Embiid and/or Ben Simmons before the All-Star game as both of them will be competing in said game. These few days off for the team will be immensely important. With the increasingly hectic schedule coming up, any and all days off will be needed for recovery and rest for all of the Sixers’ players. Once the regular season comes closer to an end, games in which the team’s best players are sitting out will be more common just based on how condensed of a schedule the second half of the season is. However, these scheduled days off like the ones around the All-Star break will be much needed down the stretch as well.



Roster Moves


In a normal season, the All-Star break comes after the NBA trade deadline, giving players who were moved some time off to adjust to the new location. However, this season will see the trade deadline much later in the month of March. What this time off will more than likely be used for in terms of the front office will be the evaluation of players to bring in. There are plenty of great articles on PHLSixersNation discussing the Sixers’ potential trade targets and roster moves to check out, but speaking on a wider plain, the time itself can be spent with the coaching staff and front office discussing which moves to make exactly.


No contending team will be completely quite around the trade deadline in any season.


Whether or not the Sixers do end up making a move by the March 25th deadline is still to be seen, but this crucial time will be the planning phase of the operation.



Photo: via Yong Kim / Philadelphia Inquirer
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