With Carson Wentz gone, Jalen Hurts steps up to the plate. But does the Front Office trust him as the franchise guy?

McNabb. Vick. Foles. Bradford. Wentz. Hurts. For the sixth time in twelve years the Eagles will start the season with a new QB1. The franchise leads the NFL all-time in games started by black quarterbacks, and all signs point to the team increasing that lead behind Jalen Hurts this fall. Never one to avoid tumult, however, Howie Roseman might be the greatest threat to that future.

Whether by the draft or free agency, the Eagles will need to add depth at quarterback. Speculation has it that Roseman is looking to add competition at the position, not merely sitting pretty with Nate Sudfeld in the wing. While real-life Fake WIP callers were biting each others’ heads off at the mere possibility of Trey Lance donning midnight green after the 6th overall pick, Merrill Reese reassured us with the leveled take:

You hear that? The Eagles will not draft a quarterback with the 6th pick. But what does it mean to sign a veteran? Pursuing free agent quarterbacks can mean one of three things:

  1. Roseman signs a Defcon 5: any quarterback who poses a significant threat to Jalen Hurts’ starting spot. Because why show any confidence in your young quarterback when you could stir the media pot?
  2. Roseman signs a North Star: any quarterback old enough to swallow their pride and embrace the mentor position. Can they jump in and produce? Absolutely. Are they prioritizing Hurts’ development over starting? Also yes.
  3. Roseman signs a John Elway-endorsement: any quarterback that John Elway would also sign. Brock Osweiler? Case Keenum? Trevor Siemian? You get the point — they’re bad.

Let’s explore the top options:

The Defcon 5s:

Cam Newton

Center City Take: Cam’s 2020 production started hot (714 passing yards, 2 TDs, 2 INTs, 149 rushing yards, 4 rushing TDs in 3 games) before falling flat. He won’t be an MVP again, but signing him would immediately elevate the QB room, albeit at the cost of Hurts’ confidence. Anyone who says things like ”there aren’t 32 guys better than me” probably doesn’t want to be scrolling a Microsoft Surface Pro on game day.

South Philly Take: I only want him if he does the superman celebration on the Dallas Star.

Marcus Mariota

Center City Take: Mariota finally looked legit in his one game last season. That said, he carries a non-guaranteed $10.625 million price tag. That’s a hefty ransom for a player in whom I have no more or less trust than I do with Hurts. He’s an unlikely signing.

Jacoby Brissett Shows Appreciation For Andrew Luck In Sincere Instagram - NESN.com
via Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

South Philly Take: …and make Chip Kelly proud? Over my dead god d*** body.

Jacoby Brissett

Center City Take: Reuniting Brissett with Sirianni would be a great move. Brissett has experience fluctuating between a starting role and being the backup, between stints with Philip Rivers and Andrew Luck alike. At just 28-years-old, he also presents a legitimate threat to Hurts. His starting production has never turned heads, but he could give Hurts a healthy amount of competition.

South Philly Take: Honestly yea I’m good with this too.

The North Stars:

Ryan Fitzpatrick

Center City Take: Fitzmagic still has it. Last season’s Dolphins handing Tua Tagovailoa the reigns essentially cost them a playoff berth. Fitz has thrown for 15 TDs in a season on six (6!) different teams. He made $5.5 million last season which is quite manageable, especially as that figure could continue to inch lower.

South Philly Take: Hell yea. At least this way if Hurts sucks, we don’t have to completely embarrass ourselves. I mean, look at this guy:

With a Little 'FitzMagic,' the Buccaneers Enjoy Their Makeover - The New York Times
via Mark Lomoglio/Associated Press

Tyrod Taylor

Center City Take: Like Brissett’s relevant experience, Taylor played under an incoming coach: former Chargers Offensive Coordinator Shane Steichen. Taylor is a natural leader, strong mentor, incredible locker room presence, and would likely come at a bargain. This might be my favorite candidate to backup Hurts.

South Philly Take: Didn’t he play for the Browns? Might as well just sign Brady Quinn.

Alex Smith

Center City Take: Washington, according to Smith, didn’t believe in him as much as he believes in himself. That would ordinarily mean “this guy wants to start in the NFL,” but the guy is 37-years-old. If he hasn’t already relegated himself to the backup mentality, he will shortly. Regardless, he is an incredibly resilient character who could be a great personality beside the young Jalen Hurts.

South Philly Take: F*** WASHINGTON.

The Elway-Endorsements:

Brian Hoyer

Center City Take: He’s 35-years-old with next to nothing to show for his 12-year career. Signing him is just telling Greg Ward he won’t have to sub in at quarterback. Ever.

South Philly Take: There is literally an urban dictionary page for describing things as Hoyereable.

Sam Darnold

Center City Take: A lot of people have faith that Darnold could bounce back — maybe even the Jets. But New York could very likely draft a signal-caller with the second pick, counting Darnold’s days in the Big Apple. Bringing him to Philadelphia might cost more in assets than the shaky quarterback is worth.

South Philly Take: I will literally move to Dallas if we bring in Sam Darnold.

CJ Beathard

Middlekauff: C.J. Beathard is dying for the sins of Trent Baalke | KNBR
via KNBR Studios

Center City Take: I might have to leave this one to South Philly…

South Philly Take: Ok so listen — Beathard has started in 12 football games in his career. Imagine the NFL was 12 games long. Do you know what a Beathard-led team would be at the end of a 12-game season? 2-10. They would have won two games in twelve tries. Resign Cameron Johnston for his leg or beat me with a bat until I forget who the Eagles are, but do not sign CJ freaking Beathard.

Andy Dalton

Center City Take: Dalton proved last season that he can come in and play considerable football if need be. That said, he certainly wouldn’t threaten Jalen Hurts’ starting spot. Plus, the red rocket could bring intel from Dallas. Also, fun fact: Andy Dalton is the only quarterback in NFL history to start a season 8-0 and another one 0-8!

South Philly Take: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. You want the guy who can only pass if it’s over the head of Michael Jacquet??? That’s like hyping up a cornerback because they intercepted Ben DiNucci. What the hell are you thinking, Howie?

Jameis Winston

Center City Take: Winston, along with Goff and Wentz, leads the pack in interceptions over the last two years… despite not starting last season. That said, he is also one of just eight quarterbacks to have ever thrown for over 5,000 yards in a season. In the right environment, Winston has the potential. Honestly, at the right price, this could be an exciting move.

South Philly Take: This is a great choice for anyone whose favorite thing about Wentz was the turnovers.

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