The Eagles’ number one priority in this draft should be to get Jalen Hurts a true playmaker at receiver.  With the number six pick, there are a lot of good options on the board for the Eagles to take, but a receiver needs to be the number one priority.  The team has lacked a true playmaker on the outside for quite some time.  Jalen Reagor was supposed to come in and finally be that explosive playmaker on the outside and although he showed flashes, he never put it all together.  With DeSean and Alshon now gone, the Eagles need to bring in a young receiver who the team can build around, and that just doesn’t mean wide receiver.  Let’s go over the biggest names and what they bring to the table.

The big-name receivers that the Eagles could draft at six are DeVonta Smith, Ja’Marr Chase, Jaylen Waddle, and Kyle Pitts.  Even though Pitts is labeled as a tight end, he can play all over the field and can be a true game wrecker.  There is a chance the Eagles could get to the number six pick with all these players still on the board.  The Eagles would need to really think which one of these guys is going to be their building block on offense for the years to come.  All these guys bring different play styles to the offense.  DeVonta Smith had an unreal year for Alabama and was the first wide receiver to win the Heisman since Desmond Howard in 1991. The one flaw that has scouts and fans worried about Smith is his weight.  Smith stands 6’1 and only ways 175 pounds, but Smith excels at everything else.  A great route-runner, good hands, knows how to get open, and has no problem with contested catches.  Smith would line up nicely for the Eagles on the outside, and maybe could put on some more muscle. Smith would be a great addition to a team that desperately needs a legitimate threat on the outside.

The next receiver that the Eagles will have their eye on is LSU’s, Ja’Marr Chase.  Chase opted out of the 2020 season, but he put up ridiculous numbers in 2019.  84 catches for 1,780 yards and 20 touchdowns, Chase was an absolute monster for LSU.  Chase was even said to be better than his college teammate Justin Jefferson, who will always live in the heads of Eagles fans.  Chase’s biggest strength is his ability to go up and win jump balls.  Chase is definitely the best receiver in this class when it comes to going up and winning those 50-50 balls.  He also has the speed to get open downfield and can break tackles in the open field.  Chase is arguably the best wide receiver in this class and would be a huge snag for the Eagles at six. With his go up and get it ability plus his speed, Chase would be exactly what the team needs.

The next option is another Alabama product, Jaylen Waddle.  Waddle was hurt for most of the 2020 season, which led the way for DeVonta Smith’s Heisman campaign.  Waddle is a true playmaker at receiver.  He may not be the biggest, but all you need to do is get the ball in his hands and watch him work.  Waddle can play any receiver position and can even be used as a weapon out of the backfield at certain times.  Waddle is as explosive as it gets when it comes to receivers, he can be the ultimate weapon.  You can move him all around the offense and find different ways to get him the ball.  He is also a crisp route-runner and has no problem creating separation against opposing defenders.  Waddle makes everybody else on the field look like they are running in quicksand, and he would be a fantastic piece to add to this Eagles offense. As a scheme fit, Waddle fits perfectly into the Eagles scheme, but he shouldn’t be taken over Chase or Smith.

The last receiver option at six isn’t even labeled a wide receiver.  Florida’s tight end Kyle Pitts is the ultimate chess piece for any offense in the NFL.  Having already talked about Pitts before, he is one of my favorite players in this class.  Pitts just isn’t some regular tight end, he is a special kind of talent.  Being able to stick his hand in the dirt, lineup in the slot, and even lineup on the outside, defensive coordinators are going to have nightmares game-planning for the “tight end”.  I don’t even know if you can label Pitts as a tight end, you might as well just call him a weapon. He is big, strong, fast, and has great hands. He can box defenders out or just run right by them. Pitts would be a great fit for the Eagles, especially since the team is parting with Zach Ertz.  Don’t forget, Pitts’ old college OC Brian Johnson is now the team’s QB coach. Pitts has steadily been crawling up draft boards with his comparison to Darren Waller, so the fans shouldn’t feel like the team is reaching with him at six.

Now the biggest question is who is the pick?  All four players would be great additions to the roster, but who is the right one?  I couldn’t give you an answer because I think they all are great fits, and it depends on how the board plays out.  If they all are on the board at six I would be leaning towards Ja’Marr Chase.  The best receiver in the draft, that is all you need to know. If Chase is gone, then I think it is fair game for anybody else to be the pick at six. Once we get closer to April we should get more of an understanding of who the Eagles could be interested in at six based on pre-draft interviews, but please don’t be a quarterback.

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