Last week we took a look at some teams in the East who could be looking to offload to the Sixers for the right price. This week we’ll look at four players from the west who could be shopped around by teams looking to the future.

Lonzo Ball

There have been murmurings that New Orleans are looking to move on from Lonzo Ball. Given the depth of ball handling and play making ability on their roster it seems feasible. Whilst he is only 23, bringing in Lonzo could help the Sixers significantly now and there’s a hell of a lot of upside there for the future. His defense has improved to the point where some believe he’s a chance for an all defensive team. He’s shooting over 38% on nearly 8 attempts per game from 3. And he’s always been an elite passer. He would likely cost two first rounders, or Maxey and a first, or perhaps more. But if the Sixers are confident they could extend him on a long term deal under 20 million per year, he could end up being unbelievably valuable for the Sixers championship push over the next five years.

PJ Tucker

Rumour has it PJ Tucker could be making his way to Philadelphia prior to the deadline. Whilst Tucker does not fix the Sixers bench scoring woes, he would stretch the floor, be super solid on defence and give the Sixers a better small ball option with Tucker / Simmons at the 5 when Dwight Howard is sucking. Whilst his numbers are down a little this year, you would hope with being traded to a good team that sees a bump. Plus his average shooting form could mean the Sixers can get him for nothing more than a second round pick.

Nemanja Bjelica

The once near Sixer was on the outer at Sacramento earlier this season. He has worked his way back into a struggling Sacramento lineup since, however the Kings have crashed and burned since a solid start and would likely still be willing to deal Bjelica. Given his role as a back-up 4 and only slight upgrade over Mike Scott, the Sixers wouldn’t want to give up any more than a 2nd rounder. At one point Doc Rivers did mention the lack of depth at the four around six press conferences in a row. However if the Sixers have to pay anything significant for Bjelica, they might be better off playing Mike Scott for eight minutes a night in the playoffs, who has looked a more willing offensive player in recent times.

George Hill

A veteran playmaking guard, who can score and defend. He’s efficient from three (38%) and two (61%) and has averaged a turnover a game or less in recent years. The Thunder should be selling and at $9.5 million he’s an affordable contract. Tony Bradley and two seconds for Hill and Mike Muscala could give the Sixers some solid depth. Mike Muscala would provide some decent stretch 4 / 5 depth and the Sixers double agent deserves to be brought home for his championship, after hitting the shot that gave the Sixers Tyrese Maxey.

Kyle Lowry or Lonzo Ball should be at the top of the Sixers list if they’re likely to re-sign and if the price is right. However if the Sixers can get PJ Tucker and George Hill, with starters, first rounders and young assets in tact, the Sixers will be well positioned to make a run this year, whilst keeping the assets to make a more significant move down the track. The Sixers are a win now team, but they need to be a win now team for the next five years to give themselves the best chance of winning a championship.

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