Luck is a tough thing to come by for the Philadelphia 76ers, but it appears as if we may have stumbled upon a ton of it when it comes to Joel Embiid’s injury.

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Any time Embiid goes to the ground as a Sixers fan, you are obligated to worry.

After all, the Sixers can only go as far as their MVP candidate center can take them. Knowing that many will write off the Sixers over the next two weeks, but they will be just fine.

First, we have to take a look at the schedule. Over the next two weeks, the Sixers have the Knicks, Bucks, and Kings at home before going on a six-game road trip against the Knicks, Warriors, Lakers, Clippers, Nuggets, and Cavaliers.

While the schedule certainly presents its challenges, the Sixers are still in capable hands with Ben Simmons and Tobias Harris.

Doc Rivers will likely get creative with his lineups, but regardless these next two weeks are huge for the development of the team. Ben Simmons went into the All-Star break on an absolute tear proving with doubters wrong left and right and Tobias Harris is coming off the break snubbed and disrespected. Combine that with the national media counting the Sixers out in Embiid’s absence and you have yourself a dangerous combination.

Something different about this Sixers team is that they can respond after getting punched in the mouth. No one thought they would be the top team in the East after the All-Star break, but here they are. Ultimately what motivates this team is that they are hungry and looking to prove people wrong, and that is why they will be fine without Joel Embiid.

Doc Rivers brought a different mindset to Philadelphia when he signed on. The next-man-up mentality paired with players on a mission will guide the Sixers through this time without Joel Embiid. The Sixers organization has been dealt many punches.

Unlike past years the Sixers have the personal to battle through some adversity.
Expect Ben Simmons and Tobias Harris to carry this team to a couple of wins and keep them on par with the league’s elite.

Featured Image: Bill Streicher/USA TODAY Sports
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