The NCAA is no stranger to controversy, often coming under fire for their treatment of college athletes.
This past week was no exception.

It all began Thursday evening when University of Oregon forward Sedona Prince posted a video showing the woman’s weight room.

What was inside of it? Just one single set of dumbbells.

In comparison to the luxe treatment that the men’s teams have been receiving in the tournament, there was justifiable outrage. 

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Ben Simmons, who has been extremely vocal about his disdain for the NCAA, wasn’t shy in sharing exactly how he felt about this.

“I don’t have any respect for NCAA at all, I think what they’re doing is wrong. I’ve seen the women’s stuff at the gym, and that’s obviously not fair, but they have so much money that they can’t set up a weight room the same and be equal with that? That’s bulls**. There’s no excuse for that. They have no excuse.”

Simmons then added:

“They have too much money to not be able to do that and take care of the women’s side.” and ended with an important message. “It’s disrespectful to those girls who are working just as hard as the guys and having the same opportunity.”

The NCAA has since apologized, stating:

“We fell short this year in what we’ve been doing to prepare in the last 60 days for 64 for teams to be here in San Antonio, and we acknowledge that.”

In my opinion, however, this apology is the thing that falls short. Their disrespect of the woman’s tournament and many hard-working female athletes deserves so much more than just an apology.

Things have been fixed, and the locker room conditions have been improved, but it shouldn’t have taken being called out for these changes to be made. The right thing should have been done in the first place.

Ben Simmons (and other influential players) speaking out against injustice in the NCAA is the only way that real, genuine change will happen.
Here’s to hoping that athletes continue to use their voice and work towards a better future for all.

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