In a number of days the NBA trade deadline will have come and gone. The buyers will have added what they think might be the missing piece. The sellers will have acquired future assets for their currently productive players. Our Sixers still find themselves leading the Eastern Conference, though the gap has become very narrow between seeds 1 and 3. The Nets trail by just a game and the Bucks by just two. The Nets have added Blake Griffin in recent weeks while the Bucks just added PJ Tucker. Do the Sixers make any roster changes before the deadline?

Daryl Morey surely has some tough decisions to make in the coming days, but for now, let’s take a look at the remaining trade candidates and assess their fit in Philadelphia.

Terrence Ross, Orlando Magic

Terrence Ross has been known throughout his career as a streaky shooter and microwave bench scorer. This season, he has been just that for the Magic. Averaging 16 points per game, albeit not on the greatest shooting percentages, Ross is a capable scoring guard that can certainly get a bucket when needed. Because Ross isn’t a free agent until 2023, Orlando might have a higher asking price than he’s truly worth. Terrence Ross would provide some solid bench scoring, but doesn’t move the needle enough to trade future assets for in my opinion. 

Evan Fournier, Orlando Magic

Sticking with the Magic, they also have a sharpshooting forward who could be had at the deadline. Evan Fournier has long been a solid shooter in the NBA. This season, he’s having one of the best years of his career. He’s averaging over 19 points per game on 39% three point shooting. He’s also an improved playmaker, averaging a career high 3.7 assists per game. If the Magic decide to fully commit as sellers this year, Evan Fournier could be had for a decent price in terms of the value he provides. If I’m Daryl Morey, I am certainly keeping Fournier towards the top of my target list this deadline. 

Victor Oladipo, Houston Rockets

With the Houston Rockets currently on a 20 game losing streak and Oladipo becoming a free agent at season’s end, Victor may be the biggest name that’s almost positive to be on the move by the March 25th deadline. Statistically, Oladipo is having a nice bounce back year. He’s back to averaging 21 points per contest and also dishing out nearly 5 assist per game. However, his efficiency has left a lot to be desired, and because of his previous all-star level play there may be teams willing to offer up more draft capital. Oladipo would almost certainly be a rental for the Sixers, and I would be hesitant to get involved in the sweepstakes for the shooting guard in Houston. 

Lonzo Ball, New Orleans Pelicans

Lonzo has been a hot name on the trade market recently, and for good reason. If the Pelicans decide to move on from the guard, the Sixers should find themselves in the middle of those trade conversations. Ball is a 40% three point shooter this year and provides some needed playmaking ability alongside Ben Simmons. The Sixers may have to give up more draft assets than other teams are offering if they want to hold onto Matisse Thybulle in this trade. Lonzo Ball is definitely worth pursuing if your Daryl Morey. 

Aaron Gordon, Orlando Magic

Aaron Gordon, as of today, has officially requested a trade from the Orlando Magic. It feels like Gordon has been subject to trade rumors nearly every year of his career, but it seems that this might be the deadline he finally gets moved. Though he’s an exciting dunker, his playstyle does not mesh will with the existing core in Philadelphia. He is shooting a career best 40% from three this year, but his skillset is not best utilized as an off-the-ball spot up shooter. The Sixers will be looking for shooting and a veteran playmaker this deadline. Gordon doesn’t necessarily check those boxes, so expect Morey to look other directions for upgrades. 

Kyle Lowry, Toronto Raptors

Lowry would be the ultimate prize for the Philadelphia 76ers at the trade deadline. With the Raptors sitting in the 11th seed in the East, it’s starting to look more and more likely they sell their expiring contracts. Kyle Lowry is one of those players, and it’s been reported that Miami and Philadelphia are two of his preferred destinations if moved. Matching salaries might end up being the biggest obstacle in a Kyle Lowry trade, but don’t be surprised to see Daryl Morey to get other teams involved in order to swing a deal for the veteran Point Guard. Lowry should remain atop the wish list for the 76ers. 

Lots of rumors are starting to come up in terms if trades and yet not many have involved the 76ers. Is Daryl Morey content with the current roster? Or is he working on a big trade while keeping his cards close to his chest? By Thursday, we will all know how Daryl Morey views the roster as it stands. They’ve been winning games (even without Embiid for now) and the chemistry is clearly a crucial element to the team’s success. However, winning a title is the only thing on this team’s mind, and if there’s a way for Daryl Morey to increase our odds, he will pull the trigger. 

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