Late in the lead up to the deadline the Sixers reportedly had four potential trade targets – Kyle Lowry, Norm Powell, Lonzo Ball and George Hill.

Whilst George Hill might be the least sexy of these names, he is also the only one of these the Sixers would have been able to get without giving up a first round draft pick, first round level talent or probably both.

The Hill move improves the Sixers now, whilst giving them a tradable contract to help match salary’s in the future. A potential deal that could be a major move for the Sixers to increase their championship odds over the Embiid window.

Morey and the front office will get a good look at this current iteration of the Sixers in the playoffs. If they fall short of a championship, the scope is there to trade or further develop their young players on cheap contracts. They will also have three first round picks available to trade come the 2021/22 season.

We’ve seen in recent times three firsts could get the Sixers a Jrue Holiday level star – thought by many to be an overpay. Throw in Matisse and Maxey and you’re in the mix for Bradley Beal.

Whilst Beal has stayed loyal to a fault, you would think at some stage that loyalty would come to a natural end, with no championship potential in sight for the Wizards. Given Beal is only under team control until the end of the 2021/22 season, the Wizards will want to get something for him if he’s likely to walk.

Kyle Lowry would have helped the Sixers win this year no doubt. However they would have had to re-sign him on around 25 million per year, give away Danny Green + most of their young assets and almost max out their potential for further significant roster moves. The sort of roster moves that will be called for if they fall short this year.

This time next year Kyle Lowry is 36 and there’s a very good chance he doesn’t live up to his impending contract in the first of a two year deal, let alone the second.

Morey and the front office also likely considered, what other contenders would actually be in the running for the next Bradley Beal level star to hit the trade market? The Nets, Clippers, Lakers, Bucks and Suns have all traded away future firsts and given up young assets, which will make it difficult to impossible for them to enter the Beal sweepstakes.

The Sixers are primed for a deep playoff run this season and if they fall short, a Bradley Beal size deal could be coming in 2021/22.

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